Saturday, March 26, 2011

American Idol: Who's Your Favorite 11th Placer?

This week, no one got eliminated - thanks for the judges save! I mean, if Casey Abrams got the boot, he'll definitely win this one. Haha.

Now, I just want to clarify something. Since Season 8, double elimination has always been part of the show. So, how do I know who placed where? American Idol Summer Tour! The contestants perform in order of their elimination so that means: Anoop Desai ranked higher than Lil Rounds and Katie Stevens ranked higher than Andrew Garcia. Interestingly, that's also how Ryan announced their elimination on their respective episodes: Lil got cut before Anoop and Andrew got cut before Katie.

Season 10 will be different though just because Top 11 Redux will air next week and it'll take a couple months to verify the legit rankings via the summer tour! So, whoever gets eliminated next week will both be part of the 10th Placer poll. Alrighty?

Let's get on with it..

Poll after the jump!!

None *
Season 1

Charles Grigsby
Season 2

Matt Rogers
Season 3

Mikalah Gordon
Season 4

Kevin Covais
Season 5

Stephanie Edwards
Season 6

Amanda Overmyer
Season 7

Alexis Grace
Season 8

Paige Miles
Season 9

None **
Season 10

* Season 1 only have Top 10
**The judges saved Casey Abrams from elimination.


Gelo said...

Oh geez. If Casey would have been eliminated, he would have gotten my vote for sure. Haha. Let's see...I didn't like Matt, Kevin, Amanda on their season. Don't remember Charles as much, didn't see Season 9, I kind of like Alexis but then again, I don't.

So between Mikalah and Stephanie, I'm going to go with Stephanie for the voice, Mikalah for the WTF-factor. :p

Will said...

Okay, now I remember all these people. Woohoo!
Went with Matt coz I liked him back then.

James L said...

Chicken Little - Part Time Lover!

jayviedistor said...

alexis grace, jolie jolie, jolie jolie hahahaha :D

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