Friday, March 4, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 24 - Who's Going Home?

.. actually, the more appropriate question is "Who's making the Final 10?"

After two nights of pretty interesting performances, I'm pretty sure that tonight will be quite brutal. I mean, with a diverse set of talented kids, how do we even know who to vote? Are we going to base it from that one live performance alone? Should we consider their body of work - auditions to Las Vegas? Or should we just shoot ourselves and die? Haha. Of course, the last one's a joke, but whatever.

Yes, I'll even go there and say that this season's Top 24 is possibly one of the strongest in years. I mean it! I can’t remember a night where most of the semifinalists managed to make this much of an impact. Last year, we were flooded with contestants just trying to get adjusted to the pressures of the competition while fighting for survival. Sure, we definitely still had that this year, but we had more solid performances and more than a couple of flashes of brilliance.

So, this will be tough, but it is what it is.

Top 12 Predictions..

1. Casey Abrams
2. James Durbin
3. Jacob Lusk
4. Scott McCreery
5. Paul McDonald

Upset: Stefano Langone/Tim Halperin/Brett Loewenstern

I admit, the guys that I think will make the Top 5 is actually pretty diverse stylistically and I'm kind of liking it. I mean, we've got a solid jazz musician with Casey Abrams, an '80s (faux) rocker with James Durbin, an old school R&B singer with Jacob Lusk, a country crooner with Scott McCreery and, yes, the all essential white boy with guitar with Paul McDonald. That being said, I have a funny feeling that Stefano Langone will actually knock someone out from this Top 5, and I actually wouldn't mind. Yes, even if he made it instead of Casey Abrams just because I'm very confident that the judges will pick Casey as a wildcard - if in case he doesn't get enough votes, which I doubt.

1. Pia Toscano
2. Lauren Alaina
3. Thia Megia
4. Lauren Turner
5. Naima Adedapo

Upset: Ashthon Jones/Kendra Chantelle/Haley Reinhart/Karen Rodriguez

Now, this, to me, is a little trickier. Pia Toscano, I think, made enough of a statement with her performance to get her enough votes. Plus, the pimp spot, which will do wonders for her. Lauren Alaina is also in a very strong position because of the incessant pimping he got from the show - it's annoying, I know. And of course, Thia Megia who has the Filipino vote, which apparently is a strong voting block (see: Trias, Jasmine and Malubay, Ramielle) and also the blessing of the show's producer. Which now leaves us with two more spots. I feel like Lauren Turner did enough but her lack of screentime prior to this may be her biggest problem. Naima Adedapo sticks out and she did a pretty decent performance. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Ashthon Jones will grab one spot just because American Idol needs, at least, one diva - unless, they'll consider Jacob Lusk for that part. Haha. Kendra Chantelle, Haley Reinhart and Karen Rodriguez maybe the Kristy Lee Cook/Haley Scarnato of the season. Just saying.


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