Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Idol vs. X Factor US vs. The Voice

It looks like American television is up for a singing competition showdown this year! With the premiere of The Voice next month and Simon Cowell's X Factor this coming fall, should American Idol be scared?

Let's look into them one by one, shall we?

Judges: Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson

Host: Ryan Seacrest

Concept: American Idol is all about discovering new solo recording artists. A panel of judges will select singers from the auditions up until they have a final set of semifinalists. Then, the power shifts to the viewers who will determine the winner by weekly elimination.

Prize: A record deal with a major label, Universal Music Group, and a management contract with 19. 

Opinion: Obviously, I love myself some American Idol. Sure, the saturation point has been reached by the public for these talent discovering shows. But, American Idol remains relatively popular because it’s more of a brand now than anything else. Plus, the new judges have pumped so much needed new life in the franchise. For a ten year old show, American Idol's achievement this season isn't too shabby. I admit, that the genre is on the decline - I don’t think there’s much argument over that - so to keep testing the market for two similar one is risky, especially the ones that try and mess with the formula, and prop up one silly wrinkle after another.

Judges: LA Reid, Simon Cowell and two unnamed girl judges

Host: Enrique Iglesias (rumored)

Concept: The X Factor will be divided into 4 groups: boys, girls, over 25s and groups. Each judge takes responsibility for one. That judge chooses the finalists, guides them, picks their songs, and advocates for them in the live shows. Also, the public vote determines the bottom two contestants each week, but  the judges decide who goes home - at least until the closing weeks.

Prize: A $5,000,000 cash and a record contract with a major label, Sony Music Entertainment.

Opinion: Ok. I have seen enough of the X Factor UK - I even blogged about it - and yes, I find the show incredibly cheesy. Talent-wise, I think American Idol  is more serious and legitimate in that matter of finding exceptional talents. However, I must say that X Factor is definitely a notch above in terms of production. Just look at how each of the contestants on show performs - they all have fancy back up dancers and whatnot, as well as some serious set designs that are much more elaborate. To me, X Factor really can put up a show! No doubt, this show is going to have a huge debut. Now, whether the audience will stay is another story. It probably depends on the contestants they get. Will they find someone like Leona Lewis? Let's see.

Judges: Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, and Blake Shelton

Host: Carson Daly

Concept: The Voice is based on a Dutch hit in which contestants audition while judges face the other direction, unable to see the contestants. The judges make their verdicts based on the singer’s vocal talent alone rather than being influenced by the contestant’s physical appearance.

Prize: A recording contract with, Universal Republic, and $100,000.

Opinion: Quite frankly, the judges’ heads turned the other way? If that doesn’t sound gimmicky, I don’t know what does. Hmm. I'm not really sure about this one. First, I do think it would've been smarter for them to wait until after American Idol ends this year and go head to head with So You Think You Can Dance. The show really comes on too late in American Idol’s season to really mess with things. But, it does seem to be making a play as “Idol with Relevancy”, which is the same thing X Factor is trying to do. And yes, I find it funny. I’d probably take a peek at the show just because they are there. I’ll see if it holds my interest past that. I’m on reality music show overload anyway with American Idol, X Factor, and my beloved Sing-Off.


Will said...

American Idol all the way. X-Factor's too mixed-up, from dancing to singing to any act you can think off to the point wherein it loses focus. I still don't care about The Voice. And Sing-off results are controlled by the judges until the finale. There.

Will said...

Woops, I had BGT in mind. Scrap the X-Factor comment. Getting all these Simon Cowell shows mixed up. LOL

Aaron Vincent said...

American Idol is already an exhausted tv show with its exhausted format. It's mediocrity at its best. I'd rather have the current season the final season. Give it a rest for now then come back after a number of years.

jayviedistor said...

I heard they're eying Mariah Carey as of X-Factor's judges. yay! pero Enrique as host?! hmmmm.

omg ang weird nga ng format ng The Voice! tapos Carlson Daly pa ang host. hmmmm. haha :D


Will: Nice thoughts and I agree with most of them. It's funny how you mixed up BGT with TXF. HAHA.


Aaron Vincent: It's a tired but proven format. Besides, the show is keeping things really interesting with little tweaks here and there. With the new set of judges, it actually feel fresher than it was last year.

I also don't think it's mediocrity at its best. Try watching America's Got Talent. Haha. Well, at least, the show is still entertaining and that's all that matters.


Jayvie: Simon already confirmed that Mariah will NOT be a judge because she's pregnant. I feel that it's between Paula Abdul, Cheryl Cole, Nicole Scherzinger and Nicki Minaj. Haha.

Smarla said...

Hmmm I'll just watch them anyway to see if I'll like the 2 shows. :D At saka gwapo si Adam Levine. Hahahaha :))

Wiktoria of the 21st Century said...

The Voice all the way. I don't even remember the last time i saw American Idol garbage. I might take a peak at X Factor when it comes out. But personally from watching the first episode of The Voice the coaches are real and entertaining. This show I will watch every week because of the raw talent and hilarious coaches!

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