Sunday, March 6, 2011

Movie Review: The Adjustment Bureau

Let get straight to the point: I was severely disappointed with this film. Yes, there were a couple of redeeming factors in it and it had a huge potential to be great, but the film just didn't go anywhere - well, at least not literally. Haha.

I'll start with the positive. The chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt was surprisingly palpable. I found their performances pretty solid. I thought Emily Blunt was very charming complete with her snappy wit and sophisticated repartee, while Matt Damon did everything with the material he was given. If anything, they somewhat saved the film from being forgettable than it already was.

The film also looked quite stunning. The cinematography was decent and the transition shots from one place in New York to another were done really well. On a technical standpoint, I thought it delivered quite nicely.

Apart from the above, I seriously can't think of anything else because the script was dull, the plot was thin and predictable and the characters weren't really developed, even though I sensed that the two lead actors really tried to elevate the mediocre script. It was such a shame because this movie had an intriguing storyline, but it was executed in a lousy way, and I even stress that word to the fullest extent.

I thought the story just went on and on and some random decent chase scenes - which, to me, was added just for the heck of it - got a little repetitive after a few minutes. And when they entered the the third act, everything became such a mess. On top of that, the ending was lame. It seriously just didn't make sense. I guess, a passionate kiss can always save the day no? Haha. They could have polished up a bit more on the second half to keep it from becoming childish, I think.

As we all know, Hollywood and cliched endings go hand in hand and The Adjustment Bureau was just brimming with it. This was a perfectly watchable film - without being spectacular, mind you! - but not so well pulled together that it demands great thought and consideration after watching it. It's better than average, but forgettable. That is all.

RATING: 6/10


Mark said...

I liked the film. It wasn't great but I wasn't disappointment. Maybe the "Jason Bourne meets Inception" marketing made you disappointed? lol

But you're right, this film has a potential of being a great one. I was kinda expecting that it's the type where you get to talk about the film from the monent you step out of the cinema upto one week. Just like Inception. I had a debate about it over coffee with friends and it was fun.


Mark: I didn't debate on it with friends as we were actually criticizing the film. But at least, we talked about it after. Haha.

Mark said...

correction on my post: "I wasn't disappointED"
why the hell did i put MENT!


Mark I didn't notice that until you mentioned it. Don't worry, I'm not disappointMENT. LOL

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