Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 13 - Who's Going Home?

Coming into the Top 13 performances, I have to say that I was really liking this group just because there's diversity in all ways - style, voices, ethnicity and so on. Plus, the fact that most - if not all - are actually good singers. Yet somehow, there were 12 uninteresting songs - save for Naima Adedapo's outrageous song choice - with varying degrees of performances that were mostly underwhelming.

So, just when I thought it'll be a no-brainer as to who will be the first one to leave, I guess there's no clear cut Bottom 3 this week. I mean, if it's just on the performances alone, I honestly think that it should be between Ashthon Jones, Jacob Lusk and Paul McDonald. But of course, I'm highly doubtful of this Bottom 3 combo.

Jacob Lusk is possibly still riding high on the sheer strength of last week's performance and Hollywood week. Plus, the fact that the judges didn't call him out on his ridiculously off key singing, I think America didn't notice that as well. Paul McDonald, on the other hand, has a huge following so I don't think he'll hit the Bottom 3 anytime soon - regardless of his performance. Besides, he is VoteForTheWorst's pick! Haha.

Out of the three though, Ashthon Jones is really in trouble. I don't think she has a large fan base to carry her far in the competition - she didn't even make the Top 10 - and her performance was beyond forgettable, almost non-existent. Sadly, at this stage of the competition, it's better to be BAD than FORGETTABLE.

As for the other two spots, I'm thinking it's between Karen Rodriguez, Haley Reinhart, Thia Megia and maybe Naima Adedapo - just because she has a different number (36), but I'm hoping it doesn't screw her over. I have a strange feeling though that there's going to be someone in the Bottom 3 who doesn't belong there.

Anyway, I'll take a limb on this and say that Ashthon Jones is my best bet to leave this week. I guess we’ll find out tonight.

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Leonsius said...

I thought I was the only one who realized that Jacob was really off key!

But hey i don't think he is coming home yet.. he has a lot of fans out there.

Robbie said...

I thought of the same thing about Naima's number.

Anyhoo... out of the 13 I think Ashton should go.

It's kinda hard to predict who would go in the coming weeks. It would depend really on their performances. This is very exciting!

Carlos Jude Laron said...

Haley should leave.


Leonsius: Hated Jacob's performance just because he made the song unrecognizable and he wasn't really hitting the right notes. But I agree, I don't think he'll get eliminated tonight.


Robbie: Yup, this is turning out to be one exciting season. I'm just scared that America will screw things up AGAIN just because it's becoming more of a horse race without a clear cut front runner.


Carlos: I think Haley has people. She got voted into the Top 10, so was Karen. The same reason why I think Ashthon is in real big trouble.

Anonymous said...

I am a big Paul fan, I hope he makes it pretty far and was very pleased with his song choice last night. Yes, his voice is different but those are the kind of voices I like. I hate hearing the same stuff over and over again by people.

I must admit that I was extremely surprised and even pleased with Naima's performance of Umbrella. I personally hate the song with a passion but she changed it up and made it a little interesting.

As for the bottom three, my personal picks are Karen, Jacob and Ashton with Ashton leaving. I have no clue why the judges picked her to make the top 13 when they coulda chosen Robbie but whatever, she'll be gone tonight anyway.


Anonymous: Paul is polarizing, I think. You either love him or hate him. Oh well.

As for Ashthon, yeah, she's a waste of a Wildcard slot. If it was me, I would probably trade her with Kendra.

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