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Glee Season 2: Sexy Episode Review

Season 2, Episode 15

Ugh! Another meandering episode. Frankly, I've given up on expecting any semblance of continuity or sense with the plot of Glee. I don't know. This, to me, was a lame and disappointing episode. I liked the first 10 minutes and then it went downhill for me. But maybe that's just me.


- Although I still think that Holly Holiday contributed absolutely nothing to the show, I find her character hilarious. I like a couple of her quotes, especially the "my lips are sealed, just like your legs."

- Some of the things that happened in this episode were funny because of it's absurdity - but not all though.

- For me, the only potentially redeeming part - aside from Holly's existence - was Santana. I mean, I really liked her in this episode and her potential growth. I'm just hoping the writers wouldn't f*cked up his character too.

- Emma was hysterical. That is all.


- Umm, how is having two gay guys sing and sound like a robot supposed to be sexy to a bunch of girls? I just don't understand.

- Arguably, this episode had the lamest song choices EVER! Sorry. Just not a fan. Also, why did they let Holly Holiday sing three of the five songs in this episode - mind you, the other one was performed by the Warblers! The last time I checked, this was supposed to be about the New Directions right? Did I miss something?

- Tell me, where the hell did Quinn's character development go? I mean, she seemed to have come out a better person after the pregnancy experience and now all that disappeared in what, two episodes? I guess, the writers didn't know what to do with Quinn despite the fact that she had a baby last season and that kind of thing cannot be ignored just like that.

- Quinn and Finn's relationship has no development and, yes, it's becoming extremely contrived.

- True, I kind of liked Kurt's interactions with his dad, but I have to say that it wasn't entirely consistent with how he was in the last episode. Really. Last episode, Kurt wanted his dad to talk to him about sex, and suddenly now he's not? What gives?

- All the kids joining the celibacy club was just stupid because I know that it’s not going to mean a thing by next week. Lame.

- Oh, and still annoyed me to no end that Lauren Zizes - though I love her - got so much scenes, while other characters like Mercedes and Tina were basically props in the background.

- Yes, I mentioned that I liked Santana in this episode, but the romance between her and Brittany just felt weird. So while I understand why they addressed it, everything just felt forced like all relationships on this show.

- Finally, even though Sue didn't appear in this episode that much, her character has jumped the shark. The last show that featured her character was so over-the-top, it wasn’t even funny - it was just stupid.


DO YOU WANNA TOUCH ME was entertaining. It wasn't as compelling as her rendition of Forget You, but it was still fun to watch. I like the choreography and, again, this number had that Season 1 feel to it.

ANIMAL. Hated their cover of the song - both Blaine and Kurt sounded too robotic with all the autotunes - and I didn't care for this performance as well. I don't know. Maybe I feel like the Warblers are getting more group numbers - some even pretty random - compared to New Directions, which is weird. Heck, the set up of this just didn't make sense to me.

KISS was laughable - in a bad way. Haha. Will Schuester's opening falsetto ruined this performance, I think. Sure, the choreography was decent and the set design looked good, but then again, it would've been nice to see the Glee club perform a group number than to watch Will and Holly gyrate at each other. Not cool.

LANDSLIDE. Now, this, I thought, was beautiful. Holly sounded great and so was Santana and Brittany. However - and I'll say it again - I didn't like the fact that Holly lead this performance. I mean, why didn't they just let Santana and Brittany sing this??? Santana is a better singer than Holly Holiday. Enough said.

AFTERNOON DELIGHT. Hands down, the best musical performance of this episode. This was hysterical. Seriously. I loved how they made the song extremely wholesome and innocent - even if the song, in itself, is inappropriate. Haha. Emma and Quinn sounded good together, who knew? And Rachel's expression during the song was priceless. Oh, and Emma telling Rachel the recipe of Afternoon Delight was pretty funny! Thank God!

So yeah I’m done with my whine fest now.

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katuray said...

This epi's a disaster, huh?!

Frankly, i think "making sense" isn't a high priority for the glee writers. disappointing? yes, but that's how it goes for this show, or at least it seems that way.

Ok, Quinn was always a bitch and finn, well, we all know that he's a douche.. and i think that they bring out the worst at each other.

Again, another nbr from the warblers. good thing they'd be gone soon.. i'm just so sick of them.

Santana was such a revelation! can't wait to see how her character develops further. ;)

Smarla said...

I have to agree, this episode was hmmm... weird. It's just all over the place. Actually, this Glee season is all over the place. There's no overarching story like in the 1st season. It seems like they are writing on a per episode basis rather than writing for a whole season, hence the inconsistencies and the loose ends in this season.

Gelo said...

Hm. I kind of liked it then I realized its because it lacked Finn in the entire episode. Haha. But yeah, super disappointed with what they're doing with Quinn now. :(

And Afternoon Delight and Emma saved the episode. More of her please.

Anonymous said...

From the beginning, the space between numbers was always something to "get through". This space has become so bad, so absolutely terrible that I now must question if the show is worth continuing to watch.


Katuray: But thing is, Glee WAS making sense during it's first season. So, I'm not really sure what happened with all of that. Such a shame.


Smarla: Totally agree with you! The same reason why this season is such a mess. I'm not sure if they'll be as big come Season 3.


Gelo: Afternoon Delight was the only thing that I really enjoyed in this episode.


Anoymous: I'm with you on this. The show is slowly making me not want to watch them. I don't know. Disappointing.

hanna said...

Ok here is what Im getting sick of with Glee.
Ryan Murphy is very, very supportive and respectful of the gay and lesbian community. Thats great, its fantastic even. Glee is probably the first show that truly delves into all the complications that can arise from being gay in todays world and does so respectfully and with heart.
What I hate is that his heart for minorities ends there. He is continually disgustingly disrespectful with Christians, making them a farcical cardboard cut-out of a person, never acknowledging that they, too, face ridicule and bullying from todays world. And he did it again with virgins in this episode - the way they handled Emma's naivety and innocence was foul. Honestly if I was a 30 year old virgin I would feel immensely pressured to have to lose it quick smart, because otherwise Im a loser and a frigid moron. Holly actually calls Rachel and Quinn "frigid" in this episode - a horrible term used by boys in schools to damn women into sleeping around.
I am neither a Christian nor a virgin, but I find Murphy's double standards laughable. What kind of person are you to never make a joke at a gay characters expense, yet slamming so many other minorities who would also have their share of suffering?

Anonymous said...

Agreed. This episode was...well odd. I think they tried to hard to be incredibly serious with some of the issues (Kurt and Santana) and funny at the same time. I honestly wouldn't have minded if they did one funny/mindless episode about sex and then a different one about the serious issues, but I dunno, I'm not a writer.

The character development in this series is pretty much non existent now. I mean at the end of season 1 they had all grown up(finn matured, Rachel was nicer, Quinn just wanted to be herself), but now they're suddenly back at season 1 episode 1 again.

I didn't really like any of the songs and nothing happened with Finchell so I might be biased here. It's such a shame considering the last 2 episodes have actually been pretty good.


Hanna: OMG! I cannot agree with you more!!


Anonymous: Looking for any semblance of character development is becoming futile now. Sad. :(

Anonymous said...

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