Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Glee Music 2: Sexy

So, I posted earlier the original songs that New Directions will perform at Regionals - Get It Right and Loser Like Me - but before that here are the songs for Episode 15 entitled, Sexy. This will air March 8, 2011 (US) - one week hiatus - because American Idol will take their timeslot on March 1, 2011 to give way for it's first live performances.

ETA: iTunes versions are up!

Ok. I was told that this will be Holly Holiday (Gwyneth Paltrow) and Santana's duet but this is basically all Holly and Santana as a freakin' second voice. Don't get me wrong, I think Holly sounds amazing in this song, but why couldn't they give at least one verse to Santana? Sad. That would've been epic. Oh well, at least they blend well together and the cover is actually pretty good. 8/10

I have to say, I like this cover song after the falsetto - which is after it hit the 1 minute mark. Haha. Will Schuester's high notes are kind of creepy to me. I don't know. It doesn't really sound that much different from Prince, although he has a better falsetto than both Schuester and Holly Holiday. That said, neither of them have the voice to pull off this song. Just saying. 5/10

Do You Wanna Touch Me
Holly Holiday's voice sounds so thin on this song. Yes, she has a good voice for someone who isn't a professional singer. But listening to all three songs in a row, I really don't think she should have sung this much. Her voice isn't amazing, and listening to it so many times at once really emphasizes that. Having said that, the context of singing this to kids in the name of Sex Education will be entertaining. 6/10

No. Just no! I love Blaine and, yes, even Kurt, but this is bad. Seriously. Kurt sounds like a robot and Blaine sounds off compared to the original. It seems they both didn't have the voice to sing this. The very beginning of the song where some words are sang slowly is especially dreadful, while it's one of the best parts on the original. Nowhere near as good as the original. Sorry.  3/10

Afternoon Delight
Hmm.. This actually sounds quite nice and pleasant, it's surprising. I like how they made this sound so innocent even if the song, in itself, is inappropriate. Haha. I'm taken aback by how good Emma and Quinn sound together. I never really thought of that combo before.This is delightfully good. 7/10

(all 5 songs)


Anonymous said...

Thanks! Are these the i-tunes version? =)


Anonymous: Not yet. HQ versions only. iTunes version will be available sometime today, I think.

Anonymous said...

now are they the itunes verisons?


Anonymous: Yes.

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