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Glee Music 2: Original Song

Here are the song for Glee's Regionals episode entitled, Original Song.

I have to say, I kind of like Glee's original song. No, I didn't quite get it the first time I listened to them, but I do now. Get It Right, Loser Like Me and especially Hell To The No are awesome songs! One just have to listen to it on repeat, I guess. It's such a shame though that the Warblers got 4/7 of this episode's music. I don't know. The last time I checked, the show is about New Directions right? Whatever happened to that? Ugh.

ETA: These are iTunes versions already.

Get It Right
Yes, this is kind of a paint by numbers ballad. Rachel sounds gorgeous in this song and I think it's actually quite pretty, if a bit generic. It isn't Don't Rain On My Parade caliber, but it's a sight closer than any other Rachel solo that we've had this season, I think. 9/10

Loser Like Me
I'm not a fan of this YET - just because I think this will grow on me eventually. I saw this one coming. Yes, this song grew on me. I know. It's a bit cheesy for my taste - I think this song would appeal to High School Musical fans. Haha. - but I admit that the tune is really catchy until everybody chimes in, the song becomes a bit juvenile and awkward. To be honest, I still prefer the Journey medley or even Valerie over this. But good, nonetheless. 8/10

Hell To The No
Finally! A Mercedes solo! Yay! Obviously, this song is another original song - as this shows how underdeveloped Mercedes' character actually is - and it sounds close to Forget You with all that sass. Nice upbeat melody, great vocals with full of personality and ridiculously catchy. This song is an unexpected surprise, a nice surprise. I'm pretty sure the song calls for a funny moment on the episode. Can't wait. 9/10

Oh no! What happened? This, to me, is actually Blaine's weakest to date. Same with Kurt. It's pretty weird how their voices aren't blending very well in this song. Heck, this is even worse than Sam and Quinn's Time Of My Life. This duet just didn't work. Sorry. 3/10

Raise Your Glass
This is absolutely better than their cover of Animal, but it does lack the attitude that Pink's had. Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, but it's just.. empty. How could such a powerful song sound so dead? Next! 6/10

Somehow, I prefer this one over Raise Your Glass. It's fun, laidback and tongue-in-cheek, where I can literally visualize the Warblers grinning like crazy guys. Haha. This is good and I haven't listened to this song in forever. 7/10

I love Kurt's voice in this song. It's like honey to me. No, this isn't as good as I Want To Hold Your Hand, at least in the emotion department, but I think this is one of Kurt's best solos. Also, it's great to hear the Warblers doing anything else other than their usual pop music covers. 8/10

(all 7 songs)


katuray said...

this is what i've been ranting about all this time. Glee is about ND.. and not the Warblers!!

the writers should've made use of this epi to at least showcase the talents of the other glee club members who, for 2 seasons now, have always been unfortunately miming in the bkgd.

Candles is a sad song.. and a GREAT ONE! too bad kurt and blaine butchered it. rachel and kurt instead should've done this.. kurt singing it for blaine, and rachel for finn.

Anonymous said...

Are these the iTunes version already?

red said...

yeah, are these the iTunes version? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I don't get why people are complaining about the Warblers getting so many songs! This is their last episode! They get three for regionals, like ND, and then one that's tied to their arc because, let's face it, there's no more Warbling after this!


Katuray: I couldn't agree with you more. Glee is about New Directions and not the Warblers.

And yes, Kurt and Blaine ruined Candles, imho.


Anonymous and Red: iTunes versions are usually available on a Monday. Thanks


Anonymous: Simple: Glee should be ALL about New Directions and not the Warblers. I wouldn't mind if the show also gives enough musical numbers/focus to the other Glee members - like Tina, Mercedes and Mike Chang - but NO. Instead, we hear more Warbling than the actual members of ND.

I don't really care if this is their last episode. The fact that they were given more songs is a good reason enough to complain! They got 3 for regionals and one tied in their story. ND got 2 songs for regionals and another song, which proves that Mercedes is an underdeveloped character.

And of course, I'm not just complain with this specific episode. I can name a number of episodes, where the Warblers got random numbers adding absolutely nothing to the actual plot of that episode.

Jackie said...

why are they not in mp3 format anymore? :(

Inigo said...

Thank you so very much for putting these up.

I love "Get It Right" and "Hell to the No" already and I agree that "Loser Like Me" is a grower. I also want to say that I'm not a big Kurt fan, particularly of his falsetto, but his version of "Blackbird" is lovely and my favourite of anything he's done solo. I too will be glad to see the end of the Warblers. Not so much in this episode as there was at least a reason for it with Regionals but so many of their numbers have been shoehorned in for little obvious purpose. Now I just have to hope that they will, if not go back to doing classic numbers, at least have a better balance between them and the "fresh off the charts" stuff they've done so much this season.

Again, thank you.


Jackie: Sorry about that. Email me and I'll send you mp3 copies. :)


Inigo: I so love that you're passionate with this show just like me! Keep supporting the blog! :)

marilynsmole said...

I guess it's more about Warblers seeing they had the highest selling single ever (Teenage Dream) and wel...Chris Colfer has a Golden Globe so it's all about him now!


Marilynsmole: I thought Don't Stop Believing is still Glee's highest selling single EVER. Teenage Dream sold more on it's first week, but didn't sell as much on the succeeding weeks compared to DSB.

As for Chris Colfer winning Golden Globes, Jane Lynch also won an award but they didn't focus her that much.

Anonymous said...

where is Trutty Mouth that is my FAvorite song ??

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