Friday, March 25, 2011

American Idol 10: Top 11 Results Show

Casey Abrams. Who knew I'll be writing something about you this early? Sure, Casey needed a wake up call as he had been slightly disappointing the past few weeks, but don't you think this was a bit harsh, America? Haha. I guess, Casey got too caught up in it all and wasn’t focusing as much on having good vocal performances that's why America sent him a message - a harsh message! Unfortunately, at this point, I would think that Casey is pretty much out of the running to win this thing. I just can’t remember when a favorite faltered so early in the competition - maybe Andrew Garcia? I always thought that Casey has one of the strongest fan bases this season - regardless of his performance - but he almost got sent home for being, arguably, forgettable. Sigh. I must say though, this will make the rest of the season more interesting as there's no more SAVE for anyone. Yay!

Recap after the jump!

Now, as for some observations and comments on the results show..
  • So I heard.. There's a looming shocker of some sort tonight? Hmm.
  • The editing at the start of the show was actually kind of cool. Very interesting.
  • Hold up, why are they all dressed up? The girls look gorgeous and the guys - with the exception of James Durbin's weird coat - look dapper.
  • If Marc Anthony is the one respnsible for fixing the mess with this group the last couple of weeks then, Thank you!
  • I'm loving the group numbers more and more. Cheese-fest at its finest!
  • Yay! Stevie Wonder!! Wait, is this the "shocker" Nigel Lythgoe was talking about? It's sweet, but there's nothing surprising about it. Unless, of course, if I'm Steven Tyler. Haha.
  • Ford music video this week: lame.
  • Green tights notwithstanding, I actually like Sugarland's song. 
  • Ok. So, this wrestling bit is so random but pretty funny. I like seeing them with their personalities. Poor Haley got no screentime at all.
  • OMG! Hulk Hogan!! HAHA. 
  • This episode is all over the place and I love it.
  • Is this the best elimination show ever? I am SO entertained!
  • While fake, there was something so satisfying in seeing Ryan getting punched in the face.
  • Stupid but awesome! HAHA
  • The "shocker": Stevie Wonder? NOT. Hulk Hogen? NOT. Casey Abrams part of the Bottom 3? I think this is it. 
  • Jennifer Hudson, you're amazing. That's all.
  • What? Thia is safe? Ok. Maybe Casey Abrams part of the Bottom 3 isn't exactly the "shocker".
  • OMG!!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!!
  • Too many things going on!!!!! I don't know what to do first. Watch it? Blog about it?
  • I'm an emotional wreck right now. Casey getting the lowest votes. Then, he's about to sing but Randy stopped him. Then, they saved him. Then, he hugged his mom. Why are you doing this to me American Idol? I'm pathetic.
  • I thought Casey was going to black out. Seriously.
  • Yay! Double elimination next week! Let the carnage begin!

Thia Megia safe
Stefano Langone safe
Casey Abrams SAVED!

Lauren Alaina
Pia Toscano
Scotty McCreery
Paul McDonald
James Durbin
Jacob Lusk
Naima Adedapo
Haley Reinhart




Smarla said...

Waaah i wonder who it is :O

sarock said...

I bet Naima and Haley are maybe along with Stefano

sarock said...

A least I got one right ....

Danni said...

Holy wow that bottom 3 was a surprise. I bet Thia's going home though. ):

Smarla said...

casey's in the bottom 3? :O wow

jayviedistor said...

eeeeeeeeeeh kinakabahan na ako hahaha

Smarla said...


katuray said...

I've had this feeling that the judges will use their save for either Casey (or Lauren) this season. I just didn't expect it this early on the competition.

jayviedistor said...

yay!!!!! ginamit agad ang save!

gddepadua said...

Maybe it sends a message to those contestants who are just sailing through the competition and not stepping up to their game. And that they shouldn't be complacent, no matter what.

Will said...

Woohoo! Save's out of the way, and I'm glad they used it on Casey. Sooooo relieved.

katuray said...

The look on Casey's face after the judges announced that he's been saved was PRICELESS!!! I actually thought he was going to pass out!

He was so overwhelmed with what just happened to him and, hopefully, he got the people's (and the judges') message.. less growling, more singing!

I really like Casey, and I still think he'll make it to the finals to compete with James (ugh!)

Top 11 tour! I'm excited! ;)

Fidan said...

Tiya Megi should have been eliminated. Casey doesn't deserve this. Good thing the judges saved him.

TT said...

Well, I'm relieved that two of bottom 3 were guys. I don't like all the stupid deaf chicks who votes for good looking buys with poor talent, which happened last season.
Now I can tell that this season is serious.

Q said...

Thia was safe? where's your ear america?

Robbie said...

Ang OA mo Dam. Wahahahahaha! :P

Carlos Jude Laron said...

i have this bad feeling that casey might still be the one going next week, together with either stefano or haley:(, if it doesnt come true i think casey will not go as far as top 5....whatchuthink dam?


Robbie: I'm not OA. I'm just stating what I really felt. HAHA.


Carlos: Historically, those who were saved are almost safe for the next round. That's what happened to Matt Giraud and Michael Lynche - the latter even stayed for the next 5 weeks. The logic is that the almost eliminated contestant's fans will rally behind him for the next couple of weeks just because they don't to be complacent anymore.

Top 5 finish is still possible, although I wouldn't be surprised to see him go at 7th.

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