Thursday, January 19, 2012

American Idol Season 11: Savannah Auditions

.. AND IT HAS BEGUN AGAIN! Wow. This is my fourth year of covering the show, and while it's admittedly tiring, I just couldn't get enough of American Idol.

Now, after Season 10's triumphant - yes, I'm using that word - "comeback" without Simon Cowell, this Season 11 will be more interesting as this, at least to me, will be their make or break moment. I mean, The Voice and The X Factor US already premiered and if American Idol doesn't step up the way they did last season, I'm not so sure of the future of the show. Of course, they will still be the most watched show on America, but you know what I mean.

But to my surprise, this episode was actually a lot better than I expected. I enjoyed the fact that the show, just like last season, focused more on the talented people than the annoyingly joke contestants. I also thought that the judges were compelling and I somehow missed them - yes, after I whined about their incompetence last season. After watching Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and LA Reid last month, I somehow appreciated this panel. Haha.

Oh, one thing though. That opening credits was both chill-worthy and disturbing. I love me some Season 10 peeps, but I hate that they removed two WINNERS (Taylor Hicks and Jordin Sparks) just to add the Season 10 standouts. Seriously? Both of them performed in last year's results show!! 

Here's my review on the people who got featured on today's episode:

DISCLAIMER: Just an opinion based on the auditions. It may change as the season progresses so haters back off. Haha.

David Leathers, Jr
There's NO WAY he's just 17! Haha. I wouldn't say he blew me away, but this kid is good. He kind of fell a little flat in some of his notes, but that's something he can fix. I wonder though how would they market him, if ever he goes deep in the competition. But, we'll see.. 7/10

Gabi Carrubba
Well, this girl got a good grasp of how the show works, eh? She hugged the powerful Nigel Lythgoe for crying out loud. Haha. I'm not sure if I like her tone, but I love her phrasing and the liberties she took with the melody of the song was actually pretty impressive. 7.5/10

Brianna Faulk
Eh. Too short to even know if she's that good. Generic tone. 6/10

Neco Starr
Interesting tone. Good range. Decent presence. 8/10

Molly Hunt
Not my cup of tea. 5/10

Elise Testone
Good even just from that 30 seconds. I wanted to see more! 7/10

Shannon Magrane
"Hot, humid, and happening - just like your daughter." Steven Tyler, you're such a mess and I'm loving it. Haha. Yes, Shannon has potential and her voice is pretty solid, but there's nothing special with her voice. Plus, I'm not buying the "soul" in her tone. 7.5/10

Amy Brumfield
Get ready guys, here comes the sob stories that we all love! Haha. Amy somehow reminds me of Crystal Bowersox. It's a little low key, but has enough character to be somehow "unique". 7.5/10

Stephanie Renae
NOT READY! Sorry. 5/10

Schyler Dixon
Sad. She's just the "sister of the robbed Colton Dixon from last season" and now she got completely overshadowed when his brother was "forced" to audition. To be honest, I like her better than his brother. Her voice is unique and has a certain power that I didn't really expect. The tone actually reminds me of Xenia of The Voice. 8.5/10

Colton Dixon
I remember him from last season, but he didn't get enough screen time, a la Chris Medina, to even matter. His audition was okay, I'm not appalled by him, but I still think that his sister was better. His version of David Cook's lovely song sounds so affected and lacks any sense of nuance and . 7.5/10

Lauren Mink
Cannon fodder. Good, but incredibly boring voice. 7/10

Ashely Altise
This girl is like crazier - if that's even possible - Naima Adedapo. Haha. I didn't really expect her to be good, but she worked it out. One to look out for as it would be nice to get an actual performer who can sing to be a finalist. 8/10

W.T. Thompson
Not great, just decent. Maybe he's improved since the audition. I don't know. 6/10

Brittany Kerr
GORGEOUS! This I dare say, if Brittany gets into the Final 24, she'll probably give Katharine McPhee a run for her money as the most beautiful woman to ever be on American Idol. I mean, seriously! Sure, the singing wasn't all THAT, but she delivered a pretty solid audition. Heck, I think she's a better singer than Jennifer Lopez - who I thought was incredibly jealous. HAHA. 8/10

Phillip Phillips
If Casey Abrams and Taylor Hicks had a kid.. it's Phillip Phillips! Haha. I admit, there were a couple spots in his Superstitious audition where his tone sounded a little grating and it was way too shouty fo my taste, but when he did Thriller, I was sold. His version of that was quite impressive. I wonder though why they allowed him to play his guitar? I mean, they didn't let Jackie Tohn and Crystal Bowersox during their auditions. Is this a new tweak Idol is getting or was he just getting special treatment? 9/10


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