Thursday, January 12, 2012

Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

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Despite the fact that the plot was a little heavy handed compared to it's predecessor - the mystery wasn't very compelling and some, in fact, were a little hard to follow - this was just as entertaining. Charming leads - though Noomi Rapace was awfully underutilized. Impressive camera work. Excellent cinematography. Amazing set pieces. Plus, that "forest scene" was absolutely spectacular. The plot could have been a lot less complex, but whatever. 7.5/10

Smart is a fitting word to describe this series. Intelligent brain twisting events, plus stunning visual effects made the first movie a huge hit blockbuster. However, Game of Shadows feels so rushed. The scenes are not as brain twisting, the leading lady is not as charming and the lengthy conversations just seem like a lullaby. Luckily, the visual effects are much stellar - super slow motion, plus the light comedic scenes are carefully thought out and brilliantly executed. All in all, one open hand and a peace sign from me. 7/10

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows is definitely a better installment than its predecessor. Apart from a better conceptualized plot, more seat-grabbing action sequences and spectacular visual effects, i think this movie better accentuates/showcased how good Sherlock Holmes should really be in his craft. Though I still had difficulty following the dialogues (which I also experienced while watching the first movie), the tasteful tandem of Downey Jr. and Law made the movie more indulging to watch. Surely a great movie to start 2012. 8.5/10


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Jeffrey Ricafrente said...

Plus, that "forest scene" was absolutely spectacular. --- agree!

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