Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Movie Review: Haywire

[Another Sani Day]
We got this to kickstart our year in film - and no one should complain. During this time when all we get are residuals of sappy Oscar films, we get this new Soderbergh film. People have tremendous concern about its assassin plot - but who cares about the plot? Plot is never relevant anyway. The filmmaking in this film is what stands out. It means serious business. This is how you film your action scenes - static, raw, without those prerequisite shitty epic scoring. I found myself little distracted at times by some of the jazzy scoring but that's nothing but a minor issue. That, and Gina Carano tends to be awkward at times, but she's got some serious thighs so who'd notice that. Soderbergh's last film, Contagion, pretty and beautifully shot. But this new one is really really REALLY well-shot and made great use of digital photography. 2012 off to a good start 7.5/10

[Krazy Koaxe]
Acting: Star of the films acting seems very forced. Story: The way the story unfolds is where the film begins to unravel itself. 2/3 of the film is being told like a story to one of the characters, which I never have a problem with. I do have a problem when the character that is being told the story has NOTHING to do with the rest of the film. Choreography: A lot of the fighting scenes were extremely fake. Score: Amazing, the best thing about this movie. In all, Haywire is just ok. 4.5/10

[The DAM Nation]
Sure, Haywire had that usual story of betrayal and revenge, but it somehow didn't matter as this one had some serious spunk. It's brutal. It's mean. It's a no nonsense, kick the crap out of everyone who gets in your way action film. Plus, there's Gina Carano who played the lead role with great authenticity. I mean, when I saw her throw some punches and kicks, I really felt bad for that poor sap on the receiving end. She may lack a certain degree of emotional depth in some of her scenes, but for her first featured film, this was quite impressive. Oh, and the lack of scoring especially during the fight scenes were incredibly refreshing. If I have one gripe about the film, it would have to be the uneven pacing as some parts became a little dragging and dull for my liking. Nonetheless, this was NOT a bad film. 7/10


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