Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Movie Review: The Darkest Hour

Take a slightly interesting premise, add competent actors, and some decent special effects and you get The Darkest Hour. I admit, the first half was quite intriguing, but as the movie progressed, everything just became silly - even dumb. No character development. Amateur script. Annoying conclusion. The only good thing I got about it was the fact that there were a couple of character fatality twists that's quite unexpected - though all of them were seriously disposable. Oh, and I appreciated the fact that they had Moscow as the setting instead of the trite New York City or Los Angeles. 5/10

Intriguing and engrossing plot that continues to deliver twists and turns, whether you are at the beginning, middle and end. Some characters lack a quality in the acting normal,y required for these sort of movies and with this affects the pacing of the movie. Overall a movie worth seeing. But ditch the 3D if you can. 7/10

Completely lacks of story telling and character building. I don't even care who's gonna die next and the relationship is not well-built. The alien form is cool by the way, but only until they reveal their true true form, not terrifying at all. But I do like the scenery, it is refreshing to see another part of the world getting invaded. 2.5/10


*2012 DAM NATION movie reviews will be a consolidation of capsule reviews from people who signed up before the year started. Ratings will change once the reviews start to come in.


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