Sunday, January 15, 2012

DAM NATION: January 2012 Playlist

In 2011, DAM NATION introduced everyone to a monthly playlist. That's 15 songs that I (personally) fancy, that are already doing good on it's own and maybe some new singles from different artists that will probably - or maybe not - be hits in the next coming weeks in whatever format. So yes, the playlists are back! Hope you like the first compilation for 2012.

Now, just like any other compilations or album that I've posted in this site, the download links will be available for more or less 24 hours ONLY. Oh, and little disclaimer: the format is a little uneven here - some are in .m4a and the others are in .mp3. There! Enjoy!

1. I Won't Give Up Jason Mraz
2. Take Care Drake (ft. Rihanna)
3. Safe and Sound Taylor Swift (ft. The Civil Wars)
4. Want U Back Cher Lloyd (ft. Astro)
5. Turn Me On David Guetta (ft. Nicki Minaj)
6. Up James Morrison (ft. Jessie J)
7. Nothing's Real But Love Rebecca Ferguson
8. Talk That Talk Rihanna (ft. Jay-Z)
9. Better Than I Know Myself Adam Lambert
10. Rack City Tyga
11. The Broken Ones Dia Frampton
12. Fireball Willow (ft. Nicki Minaj)
13. Sleazy Remix 2.0 - Get Sleazier Ke$ha
14. Beautiful Katharine McPhee
15. T.H.E Will.I.Am (ft. Mick Jagger & Jennifer Lopez)



Anonymous said...

Just a note that Track 11 - Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones won't play.

WS said...

Nice selection DAM!

I noticed your shoutbox is gone, mine stopped working too, but I got a new one for my blog here:

Thanks for the music dude!

drew said...


Anonymous said...

It says I can't download anymore but there's still 9 hours on the countdown...:(

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