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Glee Season 3: Yes/No Episode Review

Season 3, Episode 10

This episode was absolutely fun, deep, a little insane, and very satisfying. I had a roller coaster of emotions the whole time! The story, though a tad unfocused, flowed really well and the performances were top notch - I actually enjoyed the variety from run to sentimental. Emotional. Joyful. Heartfelt. Humorous. Glee at its best. Not my absolute favorite episode EVER, but it's definitely up there. The hiatus, as annoying as it was, was worth it for this episode.


- Let me just say that the writing in this episode was fantastic. The scenes were perfect and there was just the right combination of love, drama and comedy. I like Glee much better when it isn't trying to focus on 10 different characters in a single episode.

- The whole Sam and Mercedes subplot was actually kind of cute, which I never thought possible. Haha. I was seriously surprised how natural the chemistry was between the two of them.

- I really liked Helen Mirren’s voice over - perfect in its incongruity. At first it was funny, and then it was poignant. Becky can be the Queen of England in her mind despite the fact that she knows she’s fighting some difficult social battles that will probably dog her for the rest of her life.

- All the scenes with Becky were perfect, and the voice over was the needed comedy in between all the love and drama. Without it the episode would have been too much, but the Becky bits helped the flow.

- All characters were in an honest place about their situation. Mercedes, Finn, Emma, Becky, Kurt. It was just all letting out their insecurities and their deepest doubts and trying to come to terms with it. It was like getting real with the characters again.

- The scene with Finn and his mother was just heartbreaking. It's really nice to see reality - as such - setting in for the kids about the future. I was also happy that Finn got to finally get a decent storyline after the assassination of his character last year. Plus, his acting was superb and I'm not even a fan of his character.

- The way they handled Artie in this episode was great! He knew he had to reject a "relationship" with Becky carefully, and the scenes with the two were fairly realistic - except for her sending him those photos. Seriously?

- Sue Sylvester! Well, this is the Sue I like; snarky at times, but not totally reprehensible. That scene with her and Becky just melt my heart.  

- Sue and Beiste wearing those blue dresses and Princess Beatrice's weird hats from the royal wedding was incredibly hilarious. Can't. Even.

- I was so moved - that's even an understatement - by Emma's speech to Will. When she said "Can I promise you that I'm going to get better? NO, this is what you get! This incomplete person and with so much love for you." I totally lost it! I'm such a girl. HAHA.


- Despite the fact that one spends more time suspending disbelief than anything else in this show, the continued boundary problems between Will and his students- starting with framing Finn for the pot to asking everyone as an assignment for his personal matters - continue to make me ill, for the sole reason that this character is presented as a role model. Inappropriate!

- I know. I know. Rachel's answer to Finn's proposal was open ended, but I will seriously cut a b*tch if the answer is YES. I mean, "Marry me because everything else in my life sucks" is a bad basis of marriage. He proposed for the wrong reasons and I just hate the idea of Rachel giving up all of her dreams just to watch Finn rotate tires in a small town in Ohio.

- Sam and Mercedes flashback made zero sense to me. If that was supposed to be the first time they met, they wouldn't have been looking at each other like that since Sam only showed interest in Quinn. Just saying.


SUMMER NIGHTS was really cute. I loved how they recreated the scene from the original movie and it really fit Sam and Mercedes' storyline perfectly. Pretty nice homage, I must say.

WEDDING BELL BLUES was probably the best song Emma has done. I was laughing so hard at Sue and Beiste in the background! Cute. Funny. Dorky. It was all cheese and I loved it! Haha.

MOVES LIKE JAGGER/JUMPIN' JACK FLASH. Awful proposal idea, but as a performance, this was solid. Artie was so into it that I was expecting him to just stand and dance any second during the number. Haha. I was slightly disturbed, however, that I heard the boys singing, but all I saw was Will Schuester doing slow motion twirls in a black tank top. Did he forget his place again?

THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE was hauntingly beautiful - so simple and stripped down. The little montage was sweet and the vocals of the four ladies were phenomenal. I liked that Rachel was very restrained on the song and she knew it was important to let the other girls each have their moments. Very nice.

WITHOUT YOU was possibly my favorite Rachel solo EVER. I honestly didn't care for the context, but her version of this song was too strong to be ignored. Her voice sounded pristine and she actually sang a ballad that sounded different from all her other ballads - if that makes sense. Haha. Amazing.

WE FOUND LOVE was strangely entertaining. I thought the choreography was fun and the idea was interesting. Oh, and I'm commending the cast for learning how to do underwater choreography when some of them can't do dry land choreography. Here's looking at you, Damian. HAHA. 


Anonymous said...

I loved the episode,glee seems to be back on track from the Christmas episode. The songs were brilliant and the pool scene was hilarious.

The only downsides was the rubbish with Finn. The proposal and best man parts make zero sense, but I suppose they're both leading somewhere. Finchel better not break up....again.

Tim said...

Love the review, great as always.
But, if it's not too much trouble, PLEASE post the itunes versions of the songs? I am dying hahaha :)

Robbie said...

Really? I dont but the Mercedes-Sam "chemistry".

Anonymous said...

One of the things that annoyed me the most was the fact it seems like Mr Schuester has no other friends. I get that he told the glee club his proposal ideas, but seriously, asking Finn to be his best man? To plan his bachelor party? HE IS A STUDENT? and it seems inappropriate for an underage student for something so adult.

Joyceee said...

i didn't know na may gantong episode! *facepalm* anu ba yan!

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