Saturday, May 17, 2014

American Idol 13: As Long As You Love Me - Caleb Johnson

Listen to Caleb Johnson's debut single, As Long As You Love Me. For American Idol to release the "supposed" winner's debut song ahead of the actual Finale is unprecedented and an interesting development. Let's see if this will have an effect on the actual outcome next week.

I have to admit, throughout the season, I didn't think I will consider Caleb as a viable contemporary rock artist, but while As Long As You Love Me has that kind of 80's sound, the melody is terrific, his vocal sounds fantastic, and it has a catchy hook. With an insistent pounding drum beat and driving electric guitar accents, this is probably the last thing I expected from a coronation song - and that's a GOOD thing! Good job!

Listen to the track after the jump!


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