Sunday, May 18, 2014

Movie Review: Godzilla

Godzilla started out well, but the momentum somehow died down and eventually turned into a mess. I don't know. Visually, the film was nothing short of brilliant. The cinematography was outstanding, the drab color palette added a darker edge to the film, the production values were top notch, and the action sequences were quite impressive. However, the pacing and editing were problematic. I thought the story dragged in parts, I hated how the movie always cut away to something completely different every time a conflict seemed about to start, and the climax seemed a bit rushed and underwhelming. The film just felt very disjointed. The casting was a bit of a train wreck as well. Aaron Taylor-Johnson looked the part, but he didn't have the rugged charisma and authority to pull off the role that well. Some of the cast looked confused, even at ordinary moments. Oh, and how come we only got to see Godzilla for roughly 20 minutes? There could have been a great Godzilla movie here, but the opportunity was sadly missed. 6


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