Friday, May 9, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 4 Results Show

Jessica Meuse. This is the first week of American Idol Season 13 where I felt sad. Heck, Jessica was sobbing and it was clear that she's broken up about this. Possibly the hardest elimination of the season. But she was eliminated for one simple fact: song choice. It's pretty hard to rally behind someone who didn't catch during the rehearsals that her song choices will send her home. And yes, during this stage of the competition you better have a seriously powerful fan base, and unfortunately, she came up tonight's big loser. In my opinion, she would have made a tremendous finalist and has the talent to stick around for a long time. She should be incredibly proud of her accomplishments because the editing she got during Hollywood week was horrendous, and she got very little credit from the judges. I love myself some Jessica Meuse, and it's hard to watch her go.

Results after the jump!

Jena Irene
Caleb Johnson
Alex Preston

Jessica Meuse


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