Monday, May 12, 2014

Movie Review: The Other Woman

Was The Other Woman funny? Sure. But there were certain things that didn't sit with me well. I don't know. It started off quite nicely with a couple of hysterical moments from Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz and a good amount of energy, but the hilarity steadily ran out towards the end. The writing got sloppy, the plot became uneven and it was wrapped up far too conveniently and shockingly violent. It's such a shame because the premise had potential that if handled well and consistently, it could actually deliver something more than the slapstick and toilet humor. Sadly, the film didn't really take advantage of that and ended up being another generic comedy that went through the motions of a sub-par comedy flick. The Other Woman wasn't exactly an awful waste of time, but there's just not much to write home about. 6.5


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