Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 8 Studio Versions

So here's the Top 8 Studio Versions, and just like last week, I'm not too fond of the song choices, although I enjoyed a couple of the recordings. Kat Perkin's Get Lucky, in particular, rocked! Again, just look at the cover of this post for DAM's pick. Also, here's where they peaked against other songs available on iTunes:

#2 I Can’t Make You Love Me - Josh Kaufman
#4 How To Love - Christina Grimmie
#15 Get Lucky - Kat Perkins
#21 Hillbilly Deluxe - Jake Worthington
#29 I Drive Your Truck - Kristen Merlin
#41 I Believe I Can Fly - Delvin Choice
#61 Forgive - Audra McLaughlin
#72 River Deep Mountain High - Sisaundra Lewis

Audra McLaughlin Forgive
Christina Grimmie How To Love
Delvin Choice I Believe I Can Fly
Jake Worthington Hillbilly Deluxe
Josh Kaufman I Can't Make You Love Me
Kar Perkins Get Lucky
Kristen Merlin I Drive Your Truck
Sisaundra Lewis River Deep Mountain High


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