Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Voice 6: Top 8

And suddenly, The Voice decided to change its rules and eliminate three (3) people this week. Why? Because they want to get this whole thing over? The performances were lackluster for the most part. There were a couple of good ones, but nothing to write home about really. So there!

Oh, and Adam Levine bleached his hair! Yay or Nay? Haha.

Let's get on with the performances!

08. Delvin Choice
I Believe I Can Fly
Everytime someone sings I Believe I Can Fly, a bird goes kamikaze! Haha. But seriously, why did Adam choose this song for Delvin? Was he under the influence of that ugly new platinum blonde hair? That said, Delvin's vocals weren't any good. He struggled for the most part and his vibrato was all over the place. I just can't. 4

07. Sisaundra Lewis
River Deep, Mountain High
Been there. Done that. Next! 5

06. Jake Worthington
Hillbilly Deluxe
Eh. I liked that he went slightly uptempo this week, but while unquestionably passable, this performance didn't make him anything more than a mid-packer. He'd probably sail for a couple more weeks, but I don't think he'll be able to beat the big dogs, as this was just pretty mediocre. 6

05. Kristen Merlin
I Drive A Truck
This was probably my least favorite performance from Kristen. I don't know about you, but it sounded to me like she missed a good chunk of notes throughout her performance. Her diction was terrible, her pitch was uneven, and somehow I felt like she didn't connect well with the material. Not sure if she'd be given a pass after this. 6

04. Audra McLaughlin
I'm already bored with Audra. Yes, she managed to hit a couple of stunning glory notes, and her pitch was mostly on point, but was there anything else we haven't seen from Audra? Why not go uptempo? She and Blake's been playing the game too safe that I'm really scared for her chances, especially this week. 6.5

03. Kat Perkins
Get Lucky
Yes, the song was pitch too high for her range and the whole performance felt a little chaotic, but her radical rework on Get Lucky was pretty interesting and nice surprise. There's darkness to it that I didn't expect, and her energy was quite compelling. If only she had a stronger vocals on this, this would've been a total knockout. 7

02. Christina Grimmie
How To Love
While Christina's take on How To Love wasn't as good as her previous performances - her vocals went a tad shrill towards the end and I felt like she did way too much to the song that she lost halfway through - but the verses were actually lovely and her transitions were almost flawless. She needs to tone down those glory notes though because it loses its impact when she does that every time. 7.5

01. Josh Kaufman
I Can't Make You Love Me
Look, I'm not particularly a fan of the song choice - really Usher? - but Josh sounded fantastic for the most part. The way his voice navigated the song was terrific, the dynamics was good, and his tone suited the song choice perfectly. I was hoping for a better song selection, but I digress. 8

Delvin Choice
Sisaundra Lewis
Kat Perkins


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