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American Idol 13: Top 2 Head-to-Head Match Up!

Since Season 10, I'd like to post a quick rundown of how the rest of the season went and who outperformed who in my Season 13 reviews. So once again, I've taken the trouble of going back through all my reviews this season and snagging the grades I gave both Caleb and Jena on each of their performances.

Below, a head-to-head comparison, just to see which finalist ''won'' the overall season in my book, and to refresh your own memories so you can do your own seasonal audit.

Season 12: Head-to-Head Match Up! (Candice vs Kree)
Season 11: Head-to-Head Match Up! (Phillip vs Jessica)
Season 10: Head-to-Head Match Up! (Scotty vs Lauren)

Head-to-Head Match Up after the jump!

Rush Week
Open Theme
Caleb Johnson - Stay With Me [7.0]
Jena Irene - Paint It Black [6.5]

Top 13
This Is Me
Caleb Johnson - Pressure and Time [8.0]
Jena Irene - The Scientist [5.5]

Top 12
Caleb Johnson - Working Man [6.0]
Jena Irene - Suddenly I See [5.5]

Top 11
Songs From The Cinema
Caleb Johnson - Skyfall [8.5]
Jena Irene - Decode [9.0]

Top 10
Billboard Top 10
Caleb Johnson - The Edge Of Glory [6.0]
Jena Irene - Clarity [6.0]
* I ranked Caleb higher during that week

Top 9
I'm With The Band
Caleb Johnson - Dazed & Confused [8.0]
Jena Irene - Bring Me To Life [8.5]

Top 8
Audition Songs
Caleb Johnson - Chain Of Fools [7.5]
Jena Irene - Rolling In The Deep [8.5]

Top 8 Redux
Caleb Johnson - Faithfully [7.0]
Jena Irene - I Love Rock N Roll [7.0]
* I ranked Jena higher during that week

Top 7
Competitor's Pick
Caleb Johnson - Family Tree [8.5]
Jena Irene - Creep [9.0]

Top 6 
Caleb Johnson - Sting Me [9.0]
Jena Irene - Barracuda [8.0]

Top 6
Caleb Johnson - Undo It [7.0]
Jena Irene - So Small [6.5]

Top 5
America's Request Part 1
Caleb Johnson - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing [5.5]
Jena Irene - My Body [7.5]

Top 5
America's Request Part 2
Caleb Johnson - Still Of The Night [7.5]
Jena Irene - Valerie [7.0]

Top 4
Break Up
Caleb Johnson - You Give Love A Bad Name [5.0]
Jena Irene - Heartbreaker [7.5]

Top 4
Caleb Johnson - Travellin' Band [7.0]
Jena Irene - Bad Romance [6.5]

Top 4
Make Up
Caleb Johnson - Maybe I'm Amazed [8.5]
Jena Irene - Can't Help Falling In Love [9.5]

Top 3
Randy Jackson's Choice
Caleb Johnson - Never Tear Us Apart [5.0]
Jena Irene - Titanium [6.5]

Top 3
Judges' Choice
Caleb Johnson - Demons [3.0]
Jena Irene - Heart Attack [6.0]

Top 3
Caleb Johnson - Dazed & Confused [6.0]
Jena Irene - Creep [9.0]

I was pretty sure Jena would dominate this match up as I somewhat gravitated more to her performances than with Caleb, but minus the Top 3 performance, where Caleb's voice was clearly shot, their performances - based on my reviews - were dead even with 8 performances a piece. Not sure how that happened, but in 4 seasons that I've been doing this, it's the first time it's not a complete giveaway. Of course, Jena statistically won because of Caleb's underwhelming performances during the Top 3 night.

As I've said before, this doesn't mean anything come Finale night and if it will be based on this scorecard, there's no clear choice to carry the title of American Idol just yet. See you again on Tuesday!!


Anonymous said...

Since you are clearly biased against Caleb, I'm actually quite surprised that you had them dead even up until the top 3 night (where you were overly harsh) Caleb was a ton better then you gave him credit for. I actually only noticed a couple of problem with his voice, and considering he was sick that's pretty damn good. Over the course of watching AI since season 6 I have never heard the audience start chanting a contestants name after a performance like they did for Caleb. That right there should tell you you're overly harsh (or just plain wrong).

That being said I think Caleb deserves the win (and Jena should have been eliminated a long time ago). Bing also predicts Caleb as the winner (and they've been right in their predictions every week since they started their prediction engine for american idol and scroll down a little to see their predictions [also works for the voice and dancing with the stars]).
Anyways, Jena will probably win because the person that SHOULD win rarely seems to on this show (makes me wonder why I still watch it).

DAM said...

Different strokes for different folks. Not because I'm not a fan of Caleb makes my point of view wrong. My opinion is just as valid as yours. If I don't like Caleb, you can shove him into my throat to like him same as I will not do that for you to like Jena.

Anonymous said...

^^Hey have you heard about Caleb's "R" remark yet?

I don't think PTB will allow someone smug to carry the crown Hahaha

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