Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Voice 6: Finale

After countless of Blind Auditions, two tiring rounds of Battle Rounds, and a weirdly rushed Live Shows, we're down to three competing for the title of The Voice! I don't know, but this season somehow felt weird and it was VERY hard to have some sense of attachment with any of the contestants despite the show having some really fantastic vocalists. But, as usual, I digress.

Let's get on with the ranking!


03. Jake Worthington
Don't Close Your Eyes
This was alright. I thought he sounded fine with most of his pitch intact, but I just didn't care much about this performance. Also, for a Finale, this was a bit lightweight no? 6.5

02. Christina Grimmie
Wrecking Ball
Not as good as her Blind audition. I'm not sure what happened, but her diction was muddled in parts, the band was too loud for her voice, and she put way too much unnecessary runs that some of it made no sense. I loved the verses, but at the end of the performance, I felt empty. 7

01. Josh Kaufman
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
I'm not really sure why America picked this instead of Stay With Me or It Will Rain, but Josh somehow made a good case for himself as a winner of the show with this performance. His rendition had soul, passion and intensity that made this pretty remarkable. Plus, his vocals were on point and some of the liberties he took with the melody sounded terrific. Good job! 8


03. Jake Worthington & Blake Shelton
A Country Boy Can Survive
Whoa. Suddenly, Jake's showing some real attitude with her delivery on this song. Still, it was a bit lackluster and underwhelming. Yes, they sounded good together, but that's about it. 7

02. Josh Kaufman & Usher 
Every Breath You Take
Vocally, both Josh and Usher sounded great, and the way they worked the song together was interesting to watch, but I wish Usher picked a different song. Maybe something more current and with a more driving beat? This was good, but I slightly lost interest halfway through the performance. 7.5

01. Christina Grimmie & Adam Levine
Somebody That I Used To Know
Divine! Christina has such a lovely head voice that I'm pretty confused why she kept on belting high notes when it's not that appealing. Here, Christina's vocals were more subdued and restrained and backed with Adam's unique tone, this was pretty awesome. 8.5


03. Jake Worthington
Right Here Waiting 
Yes, I got to a point where I feel like I'm just repeating my review on Jake. Therefore, I will not comment anymore. Haha. 6

02. Josh Kaufman
Set Fire To The Rain
On paper, this would've been a total homerun, but somehow Jake's tone sounded strained towards the end. His notes were still there, the pitch was still on point, but something happened with his voice. Was the key just too high or was he just tired? I don't know. I just felt he struggled with this song in general. 7.5

01. Christina Grimmie
Can't Help Falling In Love
Her version was NOT as good as Jena Irene's - yes, comparison is inevitable - but she had some nice little moments throughout the song. The acapella bit was sublime and there were a couple of vocal flourishes in the middle that I were impressive. Her tone sounded unpleasant in parts, but that didn't take away much from the whole performance. 8.5

Who SHOULD win?
Josh Kaufman
Who WILL win?
Christina Grimmie


Anonymous said...

HA! Christina singing what Jena just killed LOL

I want a Josh win, that's the only way this season should end!

Anonymous said...

Josh did. Check it out at wikipedia. :)

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