Sunday, May 11, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 4 Studio Versions

Who's genius idea was it for the Idols to record just ONE song when they all performed three? Why didn't we get an iTunes version of Jena Irene's Can't Help Falling In Love? Why? It's annoying and frustrating. They've been doing this for the past few years and I don't know why they suddenly dropped recording all performances.

But enough of that, here's where Idols peaked against other songs available on iTunes:

#202 Too Close - Alex Preston
#240 Yoü and I - Jessica Meuse
#242 Travellin' Band - Caleb Johnson
#407 Heartbreaker - Jena Irene

As for me, I enjoyed Jessica Meuse' recording of the Lady Gaga tune. There's intensity, grit and character in her vocals that I've never heard before. Good job!

Alex Preston Too Close
Caleb Johnson Travellin' Band
Jena Irene Heartbreaker
Jessica Meuse Yoü and I


Anonymous said...

Interscope cut the budget for the studio recordings. One song per week plus you can also hear it through the quality of the songs. If you haven't noticed it, listen to both Jena's and Angie Miller's recordings of Bring Me To Life. Angie's production is miles better than Jena's.

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