Sunday, April 19, 2015

Movie Review: The DUFF

Never mind that the plot was thin. Never mind that it has all been done before. Never mind that it was shallow. The DUFF was a subtle, but well-crafted fluff that may warm even the hardest cynics. Indeed, the film was fairly predictable and a decidedly stereotypical movie about high school and teenagers, but then again, what else is new among this genre of teen comedies? What kept the film going was it's energetic and spirited cast of young actors lead by Mae Whitman, who brought a lot of spunky personality to her role, and Robbie Amell. Together, they had a strangely believable romantic chemistry. The strong narrative threads were surprisingly not that convoluted and there's a good deal of flashy visuals and successful attempts at humor.  The DUFF was light, fluffy and fun, and can only be enjoyed if you take it for what it is. 7.5


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