Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Voice 8: Playoffs #TeamBlake

Quite frankly, this was possibly one of my favorite #TeamBlake in the entire the Voice series. He managed to build a group that's not entirely made of country singers, but a surprisingly diverse set. Coming into the Playoffs, I had a couple of idea on how things should end up, but the performances somehow made things a lot more unpredictable.

On with the show!

5. Brooke Adee
Love Me Like You Do
On paper, Love Me Like You Do sounded a perfect fit for Brooke stylistically and strategically, but the key was pitched so low at the beginning that she sounded odd during the verses. Then, when she transitioned to a higher key the switch was jarring. I don't know. I enjoyed her during the Blind Auditions, but this was not her best performance. 5

4. Meghan Lindsey
Love Runs Out
The song choice was a pleasant surprise as I was expecting something overdone or old - still can't get over Natural Woman - but her execution was a bit disappointing. Her vocals became shouty towards the end and her pitch was uneven for the most part. Not sure if it was the tempo, but this didn't work for her. 6

3. Hannah Kirby
I Feel The Earth Move
I was seriously hoping she'd tackle something more current. This performance, though vocally competent, was too old fashioned sans the awkward dancing. I'm really not sure how people will respond to her performance. 7

2. Sarah Potenza
Free Bird
Again, another solid performance from Sarah. The power of her voice was evident once again and while I felt like she did try to add a lot more vocal dynamics to the number, everything still sounded a little too loud for my taste. She needed more finesse and nuance to her singing to still be interesting once in a while. 7.5

1. Corey Kent White
Make You Feel My Love
Without a doubt, the best song choice for Team Blake. Not only did Make You Feel My Love showcase a different side of Corey's vocals, but he made a palpable and believable connection to the song. The texture in his voice added character to his singing and some his phrasing choices were interesting. Very nice. 8

Corey Kent Clark
Sarah Potenza
Hannah Kirby

Corey Kent Clark
Sarah Potenza
Meghan Lindsey


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