Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Voice UK 4: Finale

Well, that was fast. I should've known better and started covering the show during the Knockouts or not at all. Haha. Not sure how this show survived with less live shows, but I digress. The Finale was mostly strange with good performances littered throughout the episode and then there's Lucy O'Byrne.

So, who won? Find out below! On with the show!


4. Lucy O'Byrne
No Surprises
I still don't get it. 3

3. Emmanuel Nwamandi
Somebody That I Used To Know
There are nice vocal moments in there, but the whole thing sounded a tad tentative and some of his transitions were a bit jarring. 5

2. Sasha Simone
What I Did For Love
This was a good change of pace as this one had an actual rhythm to it. I thought Sasha sounded divine. It was a little lightweight for the Finale, but again, a nice performance nonetheless. 7

1. Stevie McCrorie
I'll Stand By You
This was good. Probably not his best, but there are spectacular moments here and there. I thought his vocals soared towards the end and it sounded really good. 7.5

Emmanuel Nwamandi
Sasha Simone


2. Lucy O'Byrne
Ebben N'Andro Lontana
Look, Lucy has technically a good singing voice. Her vocals were spot on and there's a confidence in her delivery that's admirable. That said, she's a niche singer and could be very polarizing. Yes, that's all I'm going to say. 6

1. Stevie McCrorie
All I Want
No doubt, this was my favorite Blind Auditions of the season and he just sounded impeccable on this song. Perfect song choice for his voice. 8
The Voice UK 4 Winner is..


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