Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Voice 8: Playoffs #TeamAdam

After having a pretty solid team last season, #TeamAdam is, arguably, the weakest this season. Not sure if it was the song choices, but this is not working for Mr. Levine this time around. While there are a couple of good performances, if taken as a whole, these contestants doesn't stand a chance next to Pharell, Blake, and Christina's team. But we'll see.

On with the show!

5. Nathan Hermida
His vocals weren't entirely awful - he actually had nice moments - but his voice towards the end became too limited for the range of the song. He was pushing beyond his upper register, which sounded strained, and he looked uncomfortable on stage. Not sure why Adam took him way outside his comfort zone when he gave the others something within their wheelhouse. 5

4. Tonya Boyd-Cannon
Take Me To The Pilot
As usual, her vocals were on point and her take on Take Me To The Pilot was above competent. That said, I just can't warm up to Tonya. I don't know. There's something incredibly dated about her performances and this was no different. 6

3. Brian Johnson
At This Moment
I had doubts with this number given the song choice, but Brian made it work for his vocals. I thought his voice soared as the song went on, his pitch was solid, and there's an obvious connection to the material. I didn't think he had any chance going into the Playoffs, but this somehow made me consider him as a possible finalist. 6.5

2. Joshua Davis
While Budapest wasn't entirely something that'll make people vote like crazy, Joshua's rendition was easy, comfortable, and lovely. There's an effortless to his delivery and vocals that's very impressive, and it's a pretty laid back performance. Will I remember this in a couple of weeks? Maybe not, but it's a good enough performance nonetheless. 7

1. Deanna Johnson
Down To The River To Pray
Just like Koryn's How Great Thou Art, I'm confused by Adam's song choice. That's not to say Deanna didn't deliver though because this was actually my favorite performance from Team Adam. Vocally, there's something very soothing about her tone that made this number work. It did lack a bit of dynamics, but I digress. 7.5

Deanna Johnson
Joshua Davis
Brian Johnson

Deanna Johnson
Joshua Davis
Brian Johnson


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