Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 8

Hmm. I wouldn't say that this was an incredibly impressive week for The Voice, but the show managed to come out with a couple of standout performances. At this point, other than Sawyer Fredericks who's so winning this season, everything is pretty unpredictable. Not sure how things will go down this week, but I'm scared. Like, Mia Z scared. Haha.

On with the show!

08. Meghan Linsey
This would've worked if Megan didn't push her vocals at the top of her range. I don't know. The verses were lovely and she seemed really connected to the material, but once the shouting started, she kind of lost me. It sounded overwrought and the texture of her voice went a little jarring towards the end. 6.5

07. Sawyer Fredericks
Simple Man
Vocally, there was nothing wrong with Sawyer's take on Simple Man. It was raw, very well connected, and well, simple. The problem I had with the performance though was the fact that this was annoyingly safe. It sounded very similar from his previous numbers that I couldn't tell them apart. At this point, I couldn't get myself to care. 6.5

06. Hannah Kirby
We Don't Need Another Hero
This was probably one of the more controlled performances of Hannah. Her vocals didn't sound too harsh, I felt like she tried to give some hints of dynamics especially at the beginning, and the build up was actually pretty nice. I would've liked some more modulation from her, but this was a good effort from her. Oh, and the staging was pretty interesting.  7

05. Corey Kent White
When I See You Smile
It took a little while before Corey went overdrive with the song - the first half was a little tentative - but when it did, he never looked back. For the most part, he sounded really good on the song. His pitch was on point, the raspy quality of his tone gave his interpretation that much needed dimension, and how he presented it was very much believable. He may not be the most impressive vocalist this season, but he has some pretty compelling charisma. 7

04. Koryn Hawthorne
Girl on Fire
Solid performance! I thought her vocals were good if a bit over-the-top and shaky in parts, the sheer vocal power was front and center, and her tone suited the song choice really well. The arrangement, however, was disappointing and that made the performance sound languid. The idea was there - to start the performance slow and build up from there - but the slow arrangement lasted too long that when things got interesting, it's done. 7.5

03. Kimberly Nichole
This was technically the best vocal performance of the night. The dynamics was there, her pitch was on point, and her vocal control was just superb. That being said, there's something about the intensity of her vocals that didn't quite match the arrangement of the song. I know that she was trying to do Haley Reinhart's version of the song, but parts of it didn't work. Again, the vocals were terrific. 8

02. Joshua Davis
Fields Of Gold
Pleasant. Subtle. Beautiful. I would've written him off after last week's performance, but this was pretty. His voice was unusually strong, his phrasing choices were interesting, and he looked absolutely comfortable this time around. I was hoping for the performance to go somewhere, but that's just a nitpick. Not the most exciting number in the lot, but pretty remarkable nonetheless. 8.5

01. India Carney
Over The Rainbow
There was something about India's performance of Over The Rainbow that despite the unnecessary runs and ad libs she incorporated in the song, I actually didn't mind. I found some of her vocal choices quite masterful, she didn't over do the dramatics, her transitions were sublime, and the vibrato was more controlled than I expected. On paper, I would've been bored with this performance, but I felt riveted after. Good job! 8.5

Megan Linsey (Team Blake)
Sawyer Fredericks (Team Pharrell)

  Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)
Corey Kent White (Team Blake)


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