Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 12 Results Show

For the love! This was possibly one of the most shocking eliminations of the entire series. Seriously. I know that the talent this season is so deep that one awful performance could actually eliminate the real frontrunners, but I didn't think one of them deserved the boot THIS early. It was like watching Sarina-Joi Crowe's elimination again.

After the strong performances last night, I was a little disappointed with the result. I'm not usually attached with The Voice contestants as much with the people on American Idol - so I'll be done with this by tomorrow - but just the fact that one of the strongest vocalists this season was sent packing was a total head scratcher.

Results after the jump!


Kimberly Nichole
Sawyer Fredericks
Meghan Linsey
Joshua Davis
India Carney
Hannah Kirby
Koryn Hawthorne
Rob Taylor
Corey Kent White


Mia Z
Stormy Weather
Here's the thing about Mia Z. She's a stupendous vocalist. Her vocal range is absurdly impressive and her pitch were on point. That being said, I really wanted subtitles during her performance. She has ZERO diction and I genuinely didn't understand a word in her performance. Did she deserve the save? Absolutely! She has one of the best pure vocals on the show, and her enunciation can be improved. Say hello to Ariana Grande. 7.5

Brian Johnson
His vocals were competent, but this was just too karaoke to take seriously. Uninteresting. Bland. Overdone. 5

Deanna Johnson
It Will Rain
Other than the rough couple of notes she hit towards the end, this was actually a pretty good performance. Her vocals were in check, her pitch didn't falter, and her interesting tone was front and center. I honestly don't know if I prefer Deanna over Mia - based solely on this Save Me performances - but I digress. 7.5 

Mia Z
Brian Johnson


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