Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Voice 8: Top 10

This was, yet again, another strong week for The Voice! Some perceived frontrunners remained unhinged, while one dark horse emerged this week. At this rate, it's almost impossible to predict with such a strong group of finalists - and that's even after Mia Z got eliminated last week. That's how solid this season is.

There were no legit duds this season and things will get more predictable as we whittle down the batch into a small group. Can't wait for the Hunger Games! Ha.

On with the rankings!

10. Hannah Kirby
She had some interesting moments during the performance, but it was so sparse that her awful pitch overshadowed them. The verses were all over the place, and while it got better during the chorus and towards the end, it didn't matter. The number was so uneven, I had a hard time watching the performance for a second time. 4

09. Joshua Davis
Hold Back The River
What was that? On paper, Hold Back The River sounded like a perfect fit for Joshua's voice, but the key was pitched so low that he was struggling to hit those notes. His phrasing was terrible, he sounded like he was gasping for air, and when he pushed his voice at the top of his range, his pitch became inconsistent. Such a shame. 4

08. Rob Taylor
A Song For You
Why did Rob feel like he's compelled to showcase everything about his voice in a matter of two minutes? I mean, his rendition of A Song For You was too overwrought that it almost sounded unpleasant especially when he went way to overdrive with his runs. His transition to his falsetto was jarring, and his vocals suffered towards the end. This would've been A LOT better if he laid off with the vocal gymnastics. Missed opportunity. 5.5

07. Deanna Johnson
Somebody To Love
I don't know. I wouldn't say that Somebody To Love was a marked improvement from her performance last week, but at least she was trying something different. She did struggle with some of her vocal choices, but again, her unusual tone somehow made it sound a bit palatable than usual. With Deanna, song choice is key. 5.5

06. Sawyer Fredericks
True, I did enjoy Sawyer's version of Imagine last week, but I have to be honest, I still don't understand the appeal of this kid. His vocals on Iris were consistent and some of his phrasing choices were interesting, but as a whole, this was an awfully mediocre version of the song. He didn't offer anything new to the hit and it was just ok. 6

05. Corey Kent White
I'm not the biggest country fan, but Corey actually made me enjoy this performance. Not sure if the beat and the melody of the song masked his vocal issues - he sounded pretty spot on to me - but the rasp and texture to his voice sounded terrific on the song choice. I would've preferred another song though, but I digress. 6.5

04. India Carney
Run To You
I irked at the song choice initially, but India sounded awesome on the song. Her subtle vocal choices during the first verse were lovely, her vibrato was a tad more controlled than usual, and her voice really soared towards the end. It wasn't perfect - she hit a couple of wobbly notes throughout the number - but the intensity she put to this performance was enough to overlook them. 7.5

03. Kimberly Nichole
Something's Got A Hold On Me
Another solid performance from Kimberly! She's a vocal beast. What else to say? She has a fantastic technical singing voice, a spectacular wardrobe every week, and a terrific stage presence. That said, Kimberly has a problem with coming off WAY too polished for the show. America wants to see growth in these contestants musically and I'm concerned that we'll never see that in her. Let's see. 8.5

02. Meghan Linsey
I seriously gave up on her even after the Battles as I don't think she'll ever blow me away. She, to me, was just a generic country singer who will probably get lost in the mix. Well, Meghan proved me dead wrong. She's been delivering strong performances since the live shows and her take on Home was stellar. It showcased her range, her great vocal control, and her soulful tone. I was leaning towards Corey to carry Blake this season, but it looks like Meghan's doing that job. 8.5

01. Koryn Hawthorne
Make It Rain
WOW. I didn't know Koryn had it in her! This was superb beyond words. The vocal dynamics were impeccable, her rich tone was front and center, the emotional connection was palpable, and everything was just flat out awesome. This was truly an outstanding performance. 9.5 

Hannah Kirby (Team Blake)
Joshua Davis (Team Adam)

  Joshua Davis (Team Adam)
Deanna Johnson (Team Adam)


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