Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Voice 8: Playoffs #TeamChristina

While #TeamPharrell clearly has the best team, I think #TeamChristina has the strong Top 3. The one-two-three punch of Rob, India, and Kimberly is possibly the best one this season. If Christina loses one of them prior to the Live Shows, I'll punch someone in the face. Haha. I mean, there's no way these three will not survive this week. Seriously.

On with the show!

5. Sonic
I'm Going Down
What was that? I was expecting more from Sonic - especially after her strong Knockout performance - but this was a hot mess. She was singing in the wrong key half of her performance, her pitch went astray, and how she tried to salvage the performance with more sharp notes was sad to watch. Possibly the worst performance in this season's Playoffs. 3

4. Lexi Davila
All By Myself
Somehow, Lexi gave Sonic a run for her money with an equally overwrought take on this overdone song. This was just not good. Her voice sounded too thin to even carry the weight of the song, her runs were all over the place, her tendency to cut phrases awkwardly was, well, awkward, and she seemed like she was trying WAY too hard that it came off desperate. Sorry. 4 

3. Rob Taylor
Earned It
This was a rather inspired performance. I doubted Rob's chances prior to the Playoffs - he seemed very generic - but his version of Earned It was pretty riveting. His vocals were very impressive, his transitions to his falsetto sounded so good, and that last part was pure awesome. 8

2. India Carney
Other than her unbridled vibrato, this was a solid performance. The first verse alone was executed to perfection. Her connection to the song was palpable, her vocals were strong and had that raw strength, and she has charisma. I hope she has enough fans to keep her longer in the competition. 8

1. Kimberly Nichole
What's Up
One word: Fan-freakin-tastic! Enough said. 9


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