Sunday, January 15, 2012

Glee Music 3: Yes/No

Glee is back this week, and they have some solid mix of songs for this episode - an uptempo song, ballads and some cute/adorable songs. Plus, it covers a wide range of singers. Pretty rad if you ask me. Go ahead and take a good listen.

Moves Like Jagger/Jumping Jack Flash
This mash up is a little interesting. Who knew this could actually work? I admit, I'm not a big fan of Artie's voice - or his character - but this is quite a nice cover. I wouldn't say it's his best, but it's good-ish. Oh, and I like how they arranged the song especially towards the end when the other boys sing back-up. 7/10

Summer Nights
Who knew? Both Mercedes and Sam sound surprisingly great together! They have great musical chemistry - the same way Sam complimented Quinn's voice - and the version was quite charming, to say the least. I also like the fact that the song actually works well with their storyline - very cute. Plus, Sugar has a cute voice! Haha. 8/10

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
Personally, this song is possibly one of the most emotional and touching songs in memory, so for Rachel, Mercedes, Santana and Tina to actually give it justice is quite a feat. I think the arrangement is nice and the vocals are awesome. Suffice it to say, Glee's version is just lovely. Very heart-warming. 9/10

We Found Love
True, there's too much autotune on both Rachel and Sanatan's voices, but this is a Rihanna song and covering it without any vocal "adjustment" to get the same effect is obviously hard - add to the fact that the song is incredibly recent that comparisons to the original would be inevitable. Nonetheless, this is still a good upbeat dance song that's an absolute earworm. 7/10

Wedding Bell Blues
 Seriously? I wasn't expecting this at all! Not my cup of tea, but this is one cute song. Plus, Emma sounds spectacular here. Pleasantly surprised. 7/10

Without You
On paper, Rachel Berry covering something from Usher and David Guetta is a terrible idea. But you know what, this relatively slowed down version of the song, I dare say, is one of Rachel's best covers EVER. Really. As usual, her vocals are pretty remarkable, the vocal control is mind blowing, her tone works surprisingly well with the song and the slower arrangement gives this once pop/electronic/dance song a dramatic quality to it. Just outstanding. 10/10

(all 6 songs)


Anonymous said...

Rachel (Lea) killed that song awesome totally 10/10. Emma I give it a 9/10 she did justice to that song. Its a classic and its shows that her character is stuck in that time period, lol.

Anonymous said...

are these itunes version?


^^ Not yet.

Anonymous said...


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