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Glee Season 3: Michael Episode Review

Season 3, Episode 11

No, this wasn't the best episode of the series, but this Michael Jackson tribute wasn't really bad. The narrative was a little thin and some of them were actually a bit disjointed, but it was still a very enjoyable episode. Plus, the musical numbers were seriously great. If it weren't for these performances, this whole episode would suck!


-  I said this a couple of times and I'll say it again, Burt is the best father EVER and this whole Burt and Kurt scene just proved that they are indeed the best TV parent-son ever.

- There's a quiet chemistry between Rachel and Kurt that I love. Really hate to see it end this year for them.. or maybe not?

- So, Quinn turned from the craziest person on the planet to the "sanest" in the course of, what, four episodes? Haha. I'm all for that though. I thought her closing story was well executed and more poignant than I expected. Her last line just pierced me straight to the heart, "You can't change you past, but you can let go and change your future". It's sad though that this seemed like Quinn's farewell to Glee. Oh no.

- Artie's speech, though came out-of-nowhere, actually made sense. It's a lame context for his performance of Scream, but I didn't mind as he delivered his lines with so much emotions that I somehow wanted to clap after that. Haha.

- Hats off to Sebastian! What a villain! Haha. He's actually more evil than a dozen of Sue Sylvesters. Just saying.

- Whew! Sebastian and Santana have a shockingly good chemistry - or was it interaction? Oh, and Santana was awesome. Don't anyone try to argue with me on that point! Haha.


- Kurt was such a Disney hero character. Blech! Seriously. How was it a wrong thing to turn someone in for physically hurting someone else? Someone was physically assaulted with a weapon, hospitalized, requiring surgery - but they're not doing anything about it? What, because it "wouldn't be fair" to compete against the Warblers without some sociopathic criminal on the team? Are you kidding me? That's not a harmless little prank. Turning Sebastian in for putting rock salt in a slushee (sp?) is not sinking to his level, it's just how things should really be. Sebastian committed a crime, and he needs to be punished for it.

- As for you Will Schuester, you're a teacher! What have you taught the kids? Do not go to the police when someone physically attack you. Shut them down in your own way! Well, I think Sebastian should kill someone first no? Foolish.

- Rachel saying yes to Finn's proposal annoyed me! I didn't understand the despair. She didn't know about NYADA until the start of this school year, and she's had Broadway plans since she was a fetus. She should have had back-up schools. Plenty of them. And even if she doesn't go to college at all, she can still pursue her stardom dreams. Most performers don't even go to college - not that I'm saying that it's ok. But both of them agreed to get married just because they think it's the only thing good going on for them, and yes, that's a BAD reason to even go there! Ugh.

- The missing song (Warbler's I Want You Back) ruined the continuity of the story. The scenes before and after really created a bit of disconnect about the Bad performance. It just made it seem really out of nowhere. Haha.

- Anybody else wondering where the hell Sugar was? HAHA.


WANNA BE STARTIN' SOMETHIN' was pretty rad. Yes, it's not their best performance ever and it actually left a lot of good moments "unseized", but I enjoyed it. Blaine sounded incredibly good and his tone worked well with the song. Plus, the production was awesome complete with those Michael Jackson's iconic costumes.

BAD. The editing was a little messy, but that choreography was pretty nifty. Seriously. I can't believe New Directions pulled off something as complicated as that. Oh, and when Santana started to sing the chorus with those stylish moves from both groups.. GOOSEBUMPS!

SCREAM. Artie and Mike Chang are probably my last favorite characters on Glee, but I thought this performance was actually good. Of course, the dancing was sensational. But Mike Chang being in Artie's "dream land" was a too random. Haha.

NEVER CAN SAY GOODBYE. It's official, I love myself some Quinn Fabray. This solo was stunning! I just can't even.. Yes, she have often taken criticism about her vocals, but I thought she acquitted herself very well with this number. I hope this is not the end of Quinn. Really!

HUMAN NATURE was too random for the whole storyline of the episode, but this was cute and that's all I have to say about that. Haha.

BEN. The combination of this "rat song" and Blaine's pirate patch was just hysterical. BUT NO!

SMOOTH CRIMINAL. Sensational. Everything was AMAZING from the arrangement to the incredibly palpable chemistry between these two characters and even the cello players. Dare I say, one of Glee's finest! Enough said.

I JUST CAN'T STOP LOVING YOU. I thought both Rachel and Finn were effective in expressing the emotion of the song. I could see Rachel throw her caution to the wind in the course of this heartfelt expression of overwhelming feeling. I thought it worked beautifully for both of the characters in terms of development. Besides, this is like one of my favorite Michael Jackson songs.

BLACK AND WHITE was a good old Glee fun performance, but if I'm being honest, the face morphing creeps me out EVERYTIME! Argh.


mark1814 said...

I didn't really enjoy this one. Much like the Christmas episode there is way too much music and not enough plot, with a number of characters with little to do.

Don't get me wrong there were some great performances but I want more than just recreating music videos to sell the music.

I agree that Quinn's speach seemed like a farewell. This should have been in the season finale and seems to imply that Quinn hasn't got anything to do for the rest of the series!

Artie's dream recreating the "Scream" video. If he loves Michael Jackson so much wouldn't he have been dancing with Michael or pretending to be Michael and dancing with Janet! It's expensive to match the footage with the original video and of course they'd have to get permission but if they couldn't do it, maybe they should have gone in another dierection with this song ot just have Artie dancing alone because it's not his dream to dance with Mike Chang!

Anonymous said...

4/10 for this episode. I should hope by season 3 that the writers have realized the story is just as important as the songs, if not more so.

I'm so sick of how every single episode they have to have some huge over the top out of the blue moments just to make the story interesting. The proposal by Finn should have been met with a resounding no and like you pointed out, Rachel Berry is supposed to have everything organised, but she'd never even heard of NYADA in the first place? *sigh*

Inigo said...

Good review as always. Funnily enough, DAM, I thought exactly as you did about "I Just Can't Stop Loving You." :)

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