Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Blind Auditions (Episode 4)

This episode was actually a lot better than last week. The talent are generally better and these judges/mentors seriously crack me up. I somehow dig the way they all rib each other. The banter will get a little stale though, so they need to mix things up.

Anyway, let's start..

U Got It Bad

Sue me, but I think this guy sounded so much like Usher. Of course, he's not as good, but his tone down to his inflections sounded like the original, even to fault. I thought he had the presence, though I wonder if there's anything more to him than that. 6/10

Monique Benabou
Mr. Know It All

Hmm. I didn't think this girl was that too good. Yes, it was a passable version of the Kelly Clarkson tune, but she probably shouldn’t have attempted it in any way. I think Monique is just born to die during the battle rounds. Haha. 5/10

Naia Kete
The Lazy Song

Blake loves the indie type of artists no? Naia, to me, is like Xenia from last season because of her interesting tone and the lack of dynamics as a performer. She has a sweet quavery tone though and a cool vibe to her. 7/10

Charlotte Sometimes

Just like Naia, this girl reminds me of Xenia, but with way more confidence and a bigger range. I actually got a little bit of a Florence and the Machine crossed with Ingrid Michaelson vibe off of this girl. Not sure if I'm sold on her yet, but her organic delivery is something I should look forward to. 7/10

Tony Vincent
We Are The Champions

Eh. Good vocals, but no originality whatsoever. Sorry. 6/10

Anthony Evans
What's Going On

I thought he was the weakest of all who sang on this episode. He was really shrill and that vibrato was way too much. Oh, and I agree that his quavery vocals sounded close to crying, but when was that a good thing? 4/10

Jamie Lono
Folsom Prison Blues

Wow. Jamie is one of these people that if you close your eyes and just listen, then you might enjoy what you are hearing. I didn't expect that kind of voice honestly as he got some serious soul! Awesome arrangement. Good voice. Adorable. 9/10

Justin Hopkins

Generic. I don't know. He sounded like the original if a little less compelling. I'd probably forget about him in a couple of day. Haha. 6/10

Nicolle Galyon
You Save Me

While her audition wasn't the best, I really thought she's got nice phrasing and a relatively nice voice. Her voice cracked a couple of times towards the end, but that's maybe due to nervousness (?). 7/10

Rumour Has It

WOW. I'm growing tired of Adele covers, but how she turned the song into something like that was very impressive. I love her tone and when she's not belting, she's got great modulation. I'm really interested to see how she handles other songs. With that unusual name, a great look, and some geniune talent, I can see her going really far. My favorite contestant this season YET. 9/10


The Small Town Boy said...

Mathai and Jamie got me with their auditions. Unique artists. :)

Anonymous said...

why does the voice always get people with unique names?

WS said...

Really? 9/10 for Mathai? I thought she was terrible!

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