Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Blind Auditions (Episode 2)

Again, I enjoyed this episode from Cee Lo's red sequined jumpsuit to the judges' banters. I just hope they do not have the diminishing returns during the audition rounds like they did last year - when I got tired of the gimmick after three (3) episodes.

Also, this show has a huge pool of professional singers who have flirted with success one way or another. So, it makes for a totally different level of entertainment. However, where are the not so pretty/handsome contestants? Yes, The Voice is NOT about looks, but everyone "casted" so far have little to no problems in the looks department and the few who might be considered on the lower end, didn't get picked. Haha.

Anyway, let's start..

The Line
American Girl

Didn't they learn anything from the duo last season? Haha. To be fair, this country duo is a lot better in terms of voice, dynamics, harmonies and overall chemistry compared to Elenowen of last season. Individually, their voices are pretty solid. I'm just not sure if a duo can actually win this whole thing. 6/10

Jamar Rogers
Seven Nation Army

Look, it's Danny Gokey's buddy who also auditioned for American Idol Season 8. Haha. I didn't think he was anything special three years ago, but his voice improved tremendously. I hate to admit it, but his audition was fantastic. Nice raspy tone, good range and he's actually pretty engaging. He also picked a great song that highlighted the strengths in his voice. As for his back story, let's not get into that. Haha. 8/10

Gwen Sebastian

At first, I didn't really like her tone, but she got me to enjoy the audition nonetheless. I like her country inflections and she seemed very genuine. I guess, Blake is a good fit for her. 6/10

Kim Yarborough
Tell Me Something Good

Of course, she sang Chaka Khan. Of course! Haha. To be honest, I wasn't really impressed with her audition. I mean, do not mess with the Chaka if you're not going to rock it and yes, Kim just came off like a mediocre impersonator. She didn't bring anything new to the song and everything was just way overdone. Sorry. 5/10

Angie Johnson

True, she was off pitch a couple of times and maybe the song was too big for her range, but she worked it out and I kind of enjoyed that. Plus, with a military background, her vocals weren't too shabby. As for you Cee Lo, don't wear those glasses, it makes your hands look even smaller - if that's possible. Lol. 6/10

Lindsey Paveo
Say Ahh

It's pretty impressive how she changed that song to fit her style. I thought that was a smart move and it showed how knowledgeable she is about music. She was high on the quirky meter and that I guess would appeal to the same people that liked Lana Del Rey. I just don't think Christina has an idea of what to do with that kind of voice. We'll see. 8/10

Jermaine Paul

His version of this Avril Lavinge song was a little overwrought and I wasn't really sure if I like his shrill tone. The voice was there.. but then he started talking and he annoyed me! Really? Just be glad somebody turned around for you! You weren't ALL THAT! Blech! 3/10

Angel Taylor
Someone Like You

I wonder if Angel's family was this excited when she was signed to a major label contract just two years ago, or when VH1 highlighted her for a year. Haha. Yes, she's no Adele. But her raspy vice and style appealed to me. If only she could relax a bit more and fix his affected phrasing, she'd be fine. 7/10


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