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Glee Season 3: Heart Episode Review

Season 3, Episode 13

Eh. I was very underwhelmed with this episode as so much didn't work for me. Sure, there were some good parts, but for most of it, everything just felt like an afterschool special for me. Nothing absolutely memorable about the episode aside from a little twist that was kind of strange.


- I love Sugar's character! Pure. Silly. Hysterical. Plus, her "love triangle" with Rory and Artie - though I couldn't take seriously - surprisingly works.

- While I still don't buy Santana and Brittany as a couple - mostly because of Brittany's acting - I actually agree with Santana's argument with Principal Figgins. Obviously, there's double standards and it's kind of nice to see Santana stick it yet again - last week it was towards Mr. Schuester, which was pretty EPIC!

- The whole dinner with Hudson-Hummel/Berry was hysterical. What came after that was totally different story. Haha.

- Rachel' nightly ritual was hilarious. Classic Rachel Berry.


-  Somehow, the Berry dads didn't work for me. Maybe it's the way the characters were written or the acting itself. I don't know. To be honest, I was kind of uncomfortable watching them.

- I don't understand why Kurt kept on whining about not being able to communicate with Blaine when he was just at home recuperating from an eye injury. It was like he was in New York doing a musical or something. Haha. The guy wasn't in a coma, for goodness sake! Get a grip!

- I admit, Joe Hart's character has a better introduction than Rory, but I thought Samuel (Joe Hart) di worse than Damian (Rory) in terms of acting and singing. I just didn't believe in his character profile. If it was me, Cameron should've been the Christian dude and I'll have Samuel play a new and more interesting character - maybe someone who's always stoned? I'm kidding.

- I enjoyed their story a couple of episode ago, but I'm pretty much done with it. Seriously. It was just too dragging and Mercedes excuses for not being with Sam were dumb! If she loves him she should be with him. Gawd! It's not as if she was married to Shane and it was just a little kiss. She doesn't need to go brandishing herself with a Scarlett letter and denying love because she's so ashamed!

- I don't think the writers have any idea what to do with Artie's character no? He was first paired up with Tina, but he just ignored her when she admitted that she didn't have a stutter. Then, he dated Brittany but he called her stupid. Haha. It was then Becky's turn but Artie came up with a lame excuse to not see her anymore. Now, it's with Sugar and he just got "dumped" over Rory. Haha. Can't. Even.

-  Oh, and why was Artie in Sugar's party? Did he go with some invisible date? I mean, Sugar said one couldn't go without a date. So, it didn't make sense to me that Artie was there. Haha. It's silly, I know.

- Karofky's plot was actually the worst thing about the episode. Sure, I kind of saw this one coming, but I had a weird feeling in my stomach when they revealed that he was really Kurt's admirer. I don't know. They made it look as though Karofsky HAS to fall in love with Kurt because they both are gay. To me, I think they can play it better without that. Besides, you can't abuse someone and then say you love them, that's sick!

- I get what they're trying to say, but Glee should really leave religion alone. It feels very trivialized and too preachy. Just saying.


L-O-V-E. Wow. Mike Chang' voice improved tremendously and of course, Tina sounded really good. This performance was actually cute, which was interspersed with a couple of cute scenes between Rory, Sugar, and Artie. I'm not mad. Haha.

LET ME LOVE YOU was possibly one of Artie's best covers to date. It suits perfectly with his voice, and while the production wasn't as bombastic as some of his other performances, this was still pretty cute - again, for lack of a better term - complete with the guys dancing as back up.

STEREO HEART. Decent. I enjoyed Sam's shockingly believable rapping. It kind of bored me though for some reason. Shoot me!

HOME was pretty good! It's kind of depressing, but Rory sounded really good. Oh, and was it just me who's a bit tired of him singing songs about being sad and missing home? Haha. Change it up a bit, Rory!

I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU. Purely coincidental. When I heard her version - that's prior to Whitney Houston's passing - I thought Mercedes did well enough to allow people to appreciate the amazingne that was Whitney. I was pretty impressed that she could pull off the same arrangement and the key changes. If only Mercedes can act to save her life...

YOU'RE THE TOP was ok. That's all.

CHERISH/CHERISH. Possibly my favorite performance of the episode. I like that the whole number was effortless and very lighthearted. 

LOVE SHACK was fun! I absolutely adored this number - it's quirky and the whole production was just entertaining. There's just a certain level of "happiness" in this performance. How I wish I was part of Sugar Shack! Haha.


Shaft said...

Yeah I was thinking the same thing about Artie being at Sugar's party that annoyed me greatly. To be honest though I wonder what they are doing with these episodes it seems like only 1 in five make for compelling viewing and the rest is just confusing.

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