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Glee Season 3: The Spanish Teacher Episode Review

The Spanish Teacher
Season 3, Episode 12

This episode was all kinds of filler, but because I came into this episode with EXTREMELY low expectations - I didn't really care much about Ricky Martin and I don't understand Spanish - I found the episode somewhat entertaining. It's not great and possibly nowhere near my favorite, but it was still better than some of the episodes from Season 2.


- Surprisingly, I found Nene Leakes' character kind of refreshing. Yes, she's basically playing with her own swag, but that attitude kind of worked for her character. Plus, that smackdown with Sue was pretty epic!

- Not into the whole adult storyline, but this one had a nice balance between drama and comedy. Nice!

- Ricky Martin hasn't lost any of his appeal. I was impressed with his acting skills and his hair. Haha. Should Glee give him another episode to appear? I'm not sure, but he pretty much nailed his guest appearance with this episode.

- I did love Emma's pamphlets. I thought ALL of them are pretty hilarious - if a bit offensive at times. Oh, and I love how she stuck by them and how Coach Bieste stood up for Emma. The dynamics was pretty nice.

-  Sue Sylvester was just endearing in this episode for some odd reason. Her storyline of wanting to have a baby was hysterical especially everyone's reaction to the idea. Yes, I can't help myself to feel sorry for her sometimes - imagine how lonely she must be! - but her new "character" is working a little better now because of two things - her relationship with Becky and Nene Leakes. Haha.

- I was glad that Kurt's advice was towards Finn - about the need to figure out who he really is. So far, what everyone has been telling Rachel is that marriage is going to hold her back. Well, it' nice for Kurt to actually got to the real reason why Finn made the decision he did. That conversation was actually pretty great.

- Watching Santana stick it - and rightly so - to Will Schuester was probably the BEST part about this episode. Hey, her speech - no matter how hurtful - was justified. Santana, Marry me already!


- A couple of things: How could Will possibly get hired as a Spanish teacher and maintain his job for years if he didn't understand Spanish? How can he suddenly transfer to a history teacher position? Why did Figgins even consider him for tenure - along with Sue - if he was doubting their abilities as teachers? Dumb.

- Will Schuester's character is just getting sadder and sadder. I don't know, but I'm starting to see parallels between him and Finn. It bothered me that he didn't care that he was totally unqualified for his job teaching Spanish. Plus, how he treated Emma and her precious little pamphlets were kind of annoying.

- Ok. The Sam-Mercedes storyline is now becoming a little pointless. Why is Mercedes still with Shane? Is she incapable of breaking up with someone? Really?

- Not a fan of most of the performances. Just saying.


LA CUCARACHA was eh. Pretty funny, but  I just can't get into the whole Will Schuester storyline. Sorry.

SEXY AND I KNOW IT was fun and awesomely performed by Ricky Martin himself. The giddy enthusiasm made the performance more entertaining than usual.

DANG DIGGY DIGGY. Yes, it was just the Cheerios dancing, but the routine was hilarious! Haha. And the smack down after that was delicious! Nene Leakes you rock!

DON'T WANNA LOSE YOU was vocally great, but I just got bored with it. Hmm. A little dynamics on the editing or something would've helped this to be a total snoozefest.

BAMBOLEO / HERO. Pointy shoes notwithstanding, I thought this was a good mash up. Sam sounded terrific and the choreography was "interesting". That is all.

LA ISLA BONITA. Wow. Those lasers! Haha. I'm more and more impressed with Santana - if that's even remotely possible with all her awesomeness. Riveting. Sexy. Lasers. Haha. Enough said.

A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION. Thank God, this performance was meant to be awful! But still, I wanted to punch Will for ruining this precious Elvis classic and for making Brittany and Mike look like idiots. *pukes*


Anonymous said...

Agreed, the Will story line is annoying, it was just cringe worthy.

It's funny to say this, but I don't like how slowly the writers are going with the sam - mercedes and proposal story lines. I've just lost interest, I don't even care if they get together any more.

Still not a bad episode.

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