Monday, February 13, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Blind Auditions (Episode 1)

.. and The Voice Season 2 is officially back!!

I admit, their first season was quite refreshing - and by some standards relatively successful - with a good set of contestants last year and a panel that's ultimately better than the X Factor judges. Haha.

So, aside from Christina Aguilera's annoying silliness and the fact that Adam repeatedly bragged about how "he won" the show last year - and I though it was Javier Colon - this was actually a fun episode. Most of the people featured can actually sing and the nervous guy who did not get picked wasn't THAT bad. So yes, the level of talent on this show is very strong.

However, these contestants aren't amateurs anymore. Heck, most of them are professionals already and not just people off the street. How I wish the show would be more upfront about how most of the auditioners have had record deals in the past and a lot of them have solid careers, even if they never became stars. And that the blind auditions really aren't blind, since they have been hand picked, for the most part. You know what I mean?

Anyway, let's start..

Hell On Heels

Yes, the girl can definitely sing, but there's something about her that's kind of forgettable. She started out obviously nervous - her goaty vibrato in the first verse gave it away - and although she somehow pulled it off towards the end, I just don't think it was enough to make a big impression. Unless the show is trying for a Lauren Alaina, I don't see Raelynn going that far. 6/10

Jesse Campbell
A Song For You

Not going to lie, this audition was quite good. Lovely tone. Good vocal control. Decent stage presence. However, I felt like he's just a generic Javier Colon (The Voice Season 1 Winner) with all those unnecessary vocal runs. I don't question his talent, but when he did too many of those liberties, his tone suddenly turned shrill. But we'll see. 8/10

Juliette Simms
Oh Darling

I love the grit in her voice, but her lower register sounded very weak and I think that will be her downfall. I admit, she's kind of interesting - as any other "rocker" chick joining a reality singing competition - and may give the show a little diversity, which is good. I just hope she'll work on the ungravelly part of her voice. Just saying. 7/10

Chris Mann
Because We Believe

Wow. An ex-Glee Warbler is in the house! Haha. Chris is definitely talented, but he's probably not pop-relevant enough to last. Sure, Josh Groban or even Susan Boyle created amazing careers out of their genre, but that's like very rare. That said, what do I know right? Haha. 6/10

Tony Lucca

The former Mousketeer and a relatively famous indie artist who was featured on TV shows such as Brothers & Sisters, Shark, Felicity and even did the Devil Town song for Friday Night Lights. I guess the judges/mentors aren't indie rock fans? Haha. To be fair though, I immensely enjoyed his audition. I thought he brought a more pleasant and upbeat energy to the song and he's got a certain appeal that would work on a certain group - yet powerful - viewers (or voters!) Haha. 9/10


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