Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Voice Season 2: Blind Auditions (Episode 3)

Another good episode. Not as solid as the previous one, but I still enjoyed it. Partly because of the judge and partly because the talent was still pretty good. I can do without the random shots of Cee Lo mauling that poor cat though. Haha.

Oh, and this show probably has a horrible way of promoting music of the people who were on last year. Haha. They gave a 10 second promo for everyone who got albums out. Crazy! Haha.

Anyway, let's start..

Sarah Golden
You and I

Not sure how I feel about her. I appreciate the fact that she just didn't copy Gaga's version of the song and tried to make the song her own. However, I felt like the audition was just ok, at best. To be honest, I probably wouldn't have turned if I was one of the judges. 6/10

House of the Rising Sun

I wasn't jumping out of my seat when I heard him sing, but this kid wasn't that bad. Some of his riffs towards the end were pretty good, but I somehow I was looking for some rasp and grit on his version. Yes, he can sing, but nothing jumped out at me when I was listening to him. Pleasant but flat. 7/10

Erin Willett
I Want You Back

She got a big soulful voice, but I heard better. Pretty generic if you ask me. 6/10

Katrina Parker
One Of Us

I liked about 80% of what Katrina did quite a bit, but the other 20% the vocals felt weak and off. That said, I think she's got potential and I actually like the tone to her voice - but yeah, she's a professional, so whatever. 8/10

Geoff McBride
Higher Ground

I didn't expect much from this guy, but he actually got to pull off this tough song. He has a good stage presence and shockingly powerful vocals. Not sure if he's marketable, but we'll see. 7/10

Erin Martin
Hey There Delilah

Strange voice. I must say, she doesn't have the range or the power to pull off many songs, but her voice is quirky - maybe too quirky to some - and she's oddly charming. I'm kind of curious of what else she could do with her instrument. 7/10

James Massone
Find Your Love

You know what? Nasal ton notwithstanding, I kind of like this kid. I think his song choice was absolutely refreshing and although he's obviously not the strongest vocalist on the show, there's something weirdly compelling about him. He surely needs some mentoring though. 7/10

Chris Cauley

Wow. This was probably one of my favorite auditions so far. He's smooth soulful sound impressed me and the way he tackled this incredibly difficult Bruno Mars' ditty made me a fan. Very good. 9/10

Jordis Unga
Maybe I'm Amazed

I loved her during Rockstar: INXS and I still love her now. True, her audition wasn't perfect - she went off pitch a couple of times towards the end - but she has an impeccable tone - her voice has kept the edge - with an undeniably impressive range. Solid.  9/10


RC said...

do u have plans on posting the songs of the Voice?

Anonymous said...

When will you be posting the newer songs from the voice?

Anonymous said...

I met Jordis after Rockstar ended and they were on tour. Glad to see her on The Voice and I'm glad that she chose Blake. She's so nice and NOW I'm into The Voice. Idol is also good this year with a lot of talent. AND having Clay Aiken on Celebrity Apprentice is exciting too.

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