Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glee Music 3: The Spanish Teacher

I know. I know. This post is a tad too late, but at least I tried to upload the song before the actual episode airs. Oh, and the song selection this week is kind of 'meh' at best. I mean, the music is doing nothing to get me excited for an episode. I honestly don't expecting any of the songs in this episode to sell well, but what do I know? Haha. Be the judge?

A Little Less Conversation
Wow. What did they just do with this Elvis classic? I don't usually say this towards Glee's covers, but they just butchered this song. Seriously. This is absolutely unforgivable. Not a happy camper over here. 2/10

On paper, this should've been a hot mess, but I think they made it work. It's an interesting arrangement and Sam has never sounded this good. Plus, he's great in singing the Spanish part. The Hero part made me wish he did the whole song though. 7/10

Don't Wanna Lose You
It's kind of boring, but there's no doubt that Mercedes sounds really good on this. Her Spanish doesn't feel cringe worthy as well. Somehow, this reminds me of her other song Don't Make Me Over. 6/10

La Isla Bonita
This is the best one of the episode, but it doesn't have much competition to begin with so whatever. Haha. The production is a little too heavy handed drowning both Santana and Ricky Martin's voices - and it's a little too fast for my liking - but it's the most enjoyable despite the flaws. 8/10

Sexy And I Know It
Hmm. At least, the actual performance is fun and that actually makes this quite enjoyable. Enough said. 7/10


Anonymous said...

Please upload the episode for this :( I'm dying here!

Anonymous said...

hey whatever happened to makin zip files for each chapter? it's kind of annoying having to download each one at a time, you think you could go back to making zip files too?

Drew said...

Agree...hehe...I hope you could upload the itunes version of the michael jackson episode too...thanks man! =)


Sorry. I was just busy the whole day. :) I'll post now.


Drew: Unfortunately, I can't upload iTunes version because some are being strict about it. I already got a couple of notice about the downloads and I don't want to risk of getting my blog shutdown because of that. hope you understand.


Anonymous: I'm sorry if you find it annoying. I just don't have time to do it recently.

Drew said...

I understand DAM =) Thanks anyway...=))))))))))))

Drew said...

BTW, can you give me some online sources of glee music...one with itunes version? =)))))))

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