Sunday, February 19, 2012

Glee Music 3: On My Way

I'm not really sure about the set list for this season's Regionals, but this has got to be the weakest competition episode song EVER. Let's see how this opinion will hold up after the actual episode. Enjoy!

Cough Syrup
I must say, Blaine sounds wonderful - from his diction to the phrasing - but this is actually in his wheelhouse so I expect him to give justice to the song. I like the melody and it fits Blaine's voice perfectly. Oh, and I kind of dig how the song builds - more cellos please! Haha. I still don't know what will be the context for the song, but hopefully it's something good. 7/10

Fly/I Believe I Can Fly
So Glee is now copying The Sing-Off Mash Ups? Haha. I admit, I'm a bit iffy with Blaine doing the rap part - it would've been better if they gave it to Artie or even Sam - but everything else is pretty solid if a bit overproduced with too much synthesizing. Rachel sounds beautiful, Artie is good and Santana kills it. It's one of Glee's more polarizing covers and I actually love it. Haha. 8/10

 Glad You Came
Not entirely a fan of Grant, but his cover of Smooth Criminal along with Santana was sensational. Here, however, his vocals are somewhat underwhelming and awfully monotonous. I don't know if it's the song, the arrangement or his actual vocal. It just doesn't excite me or bore me. It's just sort of there. 6/10

Here's To Us
Hmm. This is actually kind of disappointing - for a Rachel solo (yes, just her third solo for the season). Not that her vocals are bad - it's actually quite sublime, to be honest - but she just can't pull off a song like this. She took all the grit and soul out of it and that, to me, makes the song really good. Hopefully, the actual performance would be able to change my opinion about this. 7/10

Oh no! This seriously gave me a headache. Not too keen on this cover as this really sounds a bit off vocally. The lead - I'm thinking Grant? - sounds annoyingly robotic with all the autotuning. What happened? The Warblers are a hot mess since Blaine left. Blech. 4/10

What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)
How I wish they did something with the arrangement a la Rumor Has It/Someone Like You or even Smooth Criminal. I mean, they just kept it like the original - even the upper harmony near the end - which made the cover a little mediocre in comparison. Plus, Brittany kind of spoils the first half as her voice sounds so weak. Good thing, Santana and Mercedes' vocals are solid. It's still a fun cover if a little lightweight compared to the original. 8/10


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