Saturday, September 15, 2012

American Idol 12: Meet The Judges!

After all the rumors, American Idol now has a brand new panel for it's 12th season - well, it's not entirely new, but I digress - Keith Urban, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson.

I admit, I was ECSTATIC when I learned that Keith, Mariah and Nicki are all joining the panel, and then they decided to bring back Randy Jackson - this guy is like a cockroach that survives when everyone else is dead. Haha. I hate Enrique Iglesias for turning down the offer, now we're all stuck with the most inarticulate and boring judge they have ever had. Yes, he killed any enthusiasm I had with the rest of the panel.

Anyway, the American Idol 12 auditions will start this Sunday so expect the official announcement and "reveal" of the new panel any time soon. Thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Keith Urban was great on The Voice Australia. I didn't really think too much of him until then, but he's really really good. He knows what he's talking about and he knows all types of music. He's gonna be awesome.

edw1n said...

Worst judges ever,no offence

X said...

It kinda seem like they're trying to copy The Voice. I don't know much about Keith Urban or Nicki Minaj, but Keith Urban is country like Blake Shelton. Minaj seems like a female version Cee Lo (dressing weird and stuff like that, not really sure about the music).
Then you have Mariaj Carey, who matches Christina as far as (former) singing ability and extremely big ego.

Then you have Randy Jackson... I was really hoping he wasn't coming back. He also throws my whole comparison out the window, since he in no way compares to Adam Levine.

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