Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Voice 3: Blind Auditions Part 1

Oh yeah, everybody. I’m still writing this thing. Haha.

Yes, The Voice is back! Can you believe that show is on its’ third season already in 2 years? Haha. I hope everyone enjoyed the relatively short break - it's only been 4 months - but it’s time to once again dive down our quest to find a new winner. No, I will not say the "next star" because the show has yet to produce one. But, either way, the show is back!

Like always, Season 3 opened with the four superstars - Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine,  Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton - singing together this time with The Rollingstone's Start Me Up. For some reason, I didn't like it.

But, how did the contestants do?

Let’s go!

Terry McDermott
Baba O'Riley
He came out swinging and delivered a knock out punch to our judges. He has a very strong instrument with a good rock edge to his voice if a bit generic. 7/10

Hey Soul Sister
This was a rather perfect first audition. I find her voice really interesting and she had phenomenal control over her stylings. For me, she is all sorts of incredible. 8/10

Gracia Harrison
Cowboy Sweetheart
Gracia, to me, is beautiful and has a very interesting old school country presence that seems to steer away from pop music. She has a phenomenal country voice that reminds me of Carrie Underwood. Plus, she seems more legitimate and natural than any of the country singers we’ve seen before on the show, see Raelynn. Haha. 8/10

Devyn Delora
Ain't No Other Man
She’s pretty and marketable and clearly doesn’t care that she sounds like 9,000 other singers. Haha. 5/10

Bryan Keith
It Will Rain
Great control, great power, great tone. He’ll do very well in this competition. 8/10

Daniel Rosa
Somebody That I Used To Know
The audition was a little uneven. His tone sounds a tad affected and his pitch was rough in parts, but I have to admit, this was better than his audition last season. 6/10

Joe Kirkland
Gives You Hell
The guy's got charisma, he's attractive and has a very high likability factor. Not the best singer, but he could be dangerous. 6.5/10

Trevin Hunte
Great voice. It would be even better if he laid off some of the vocal gymnastics, but I still was completely in love with his tone. If he can find a way to separate himself from the pack than he will go far. 7.5/10


danni said...

Joe Kirkland <3 #avparmy

Anonymous said...

please post the songs download links too :)

X said...

Didn't care much for De-Borah and thought Daniel Rosa was pretty much terrible. Everyone else I thought was good to great.

I think my favorite of the night was Gracia Harrison... and this is coming from a guy who has a strong dislike of country.

DAM said...

X: You're back!! :)

X said...

Took a me a while to find you again.

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