Friday, September 28, 2012

X Factor US 2: Live Auditions Part 6

Finally! We're done with the live auditions. Frankly, I'm completely underwhelmed by the auditions this season. This season is likely to be a total dud. Then again, I also felt the same way after the American Idol auditions last season and that turned out to be really good. Heck, I was really impressed with Melanie Amaro, Drew Ryniewicz, and Jazzlyn Little last season and I hated everything about X Factor US Season 1. So, there is still hope.

Anyway, let's get on with the final set of live auditions.

Trevor Moran
Sexy and I Know It
That was embarrassing! I don't know if it was just me, but I was thoroughly creeped out by this entire audition. The song choice, the dancing and even the liberties he took with the melody. True, Trevor was entertaining, but still. It made me uncomfortable to watch him. Sue me. 4.5/10

Owen Stewart
Oh snap, Britney being critical. While I find his backstory a bit of a stretch for a 16 year old kid, I think he has tons of potential. I kind of dig his voice and he can also rap decently. 6.5/10

Freddie Combs
Wind Beneath My Wings
Too much vibrato in his voice. I don't know. He has a decent singing voice, but I don't see him lasting that long in this competition. I'm evil. 5.5/10

Lauren Jaugurie
If I Ain't Got You
I usually hate when someone tries an Alicia Keys' song on these shows, but Lauren actually did good. I LOVE her tone, she kept things simple and her lower register is solid. She has to do something for her voice to stand out - it's quite generic, to be honest - but the potential is there. 7.5/10

Jordyn Foley
REALLY?? She's not even cute. 3/10


X said...

Wow, harsh. I actually thought this show was pretty decent (especially after the ho-hum show from the night before).

Trevor - I found him thoroughly entertaining. Not the best singer, not the best dancer, and definitely not the best song (like Simon said, not age appropriate)... but I found his audition to be really fun.

Owen - I'm not a rap fan by any means, but I thought he was pretty decent AND (unlike a certain someone from last year) he can sing, too. Hopefully, if any of the rappers get through to the live shows it'll be him.

Freddie - I actually quite enjoyed his voice. I'm not normally crazy about the church-style singing (which he definitely had), but you could sense the emotion from him during the song. For me, that's what makes a great singer, being able to make your audience feel your emotion.
He could possibly make it to the live shows, but I have a feeling he won't make it much further from there... people are shallow and won't vote for a 500+ pound guy in a wheel chair (OR it could work to his advantage and people WILL vote because of the pity factor).

Lauren - thought she was good, but nothing special.

Jordyn - You're right, she's not a very cute kid. However, much like Trevor, I found her entertaining. She had a very theatrical voice though, so that'll likely hurt her chances.

Overall, I'm just glad the auditions are over (though they seem to go by really quickly). With these types of shows, I'm more interested in the live shows than I am in all the drama they showcase in the pre-editted episodes.

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