Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Voice 3: Blind Auditions Part 4

Hmm. I think I like this episode better than the last time. The talent pool got better and I liked the fun banters of the judges in this episode. No one - not even Christina - got into my nerves. Haha.

That being said, I'm sick and tired of these sob stories. Sure, they experienced something sad, but I would rather just hear these people sing. It seems like every contestant needs to have something bad in their past to get some screen time. No, I don't have a heart. Haha.

Anyway, let's start!

Melanie Martinez
Interesting tone and phrasing choices. I think that her interpretation of Britney Spear's Toxic was really cool and I like that she added a quirky vibe to it. Every season, The Voice has their token "quirky" voice - Dia Frampton and Lindsey Pavao - and I feel like this season, it will be Melanie. I'm looking forward to what else she does. Oh, and I like her bow. Haha. 8.5/10

Brian Scartocci
Isn't She Lovely
Not a fan of his thin voice, but I must admit that he has talent. At first, he's a little tentative and find him a little boring, but when Adam turned his chair, something must have sparked because he really took off. I think the second half is pretty good. 7/10

Beat Frequency
Their blind audition started REALLY weird and awkward. Things got better in the end, but I didn't really enjoy their voices together. Plus, I don't think the girl actually has a good voice - she has this tendency to fall off pitch. 5.5/10

Liz Davis
Here Comes The Party
Hmm. Liz has a strong powerful voice, but there's something about her that's not connecting with me. I think her voice is way too thick for the song that it didn't sound country anymore and her mannerisms are quite distracting. To me, Gracia Harrison was a better country singer than her. 7/10

JR Aquino
Just The Way You Are
Wow. I was expecting to enjoy his blind audition, but that was rough. I hope it's his nerves because he was off key in spots and his falsetto was weak. He's like a poor man's Bruno Mars. Sorry. 5/10

Nicholas David
Stand By Me
I've heard ton of versions of this song and I like Nicholas' fresh take on the song. It has an odd jazz-country mix to it that's very interesting. More of this and I think I may become a fan. 7.5/10

Alessandra Guerico
The Climb
Look! It's Pia Toscano 2.0. Oh wait, she was just part of that group in Hollywood round with Pia Toscano and Brielle Von Hugel - who eventually got into American Idol Season 11's Top 24. Alessandra has a solid and controlled voice if a bit generic. I find her a little stiff - despite moving on stage - and she didn't quite hit that high note towards the end. She has potential, but we'll see. 7/10

Adana Duru
Edge of Glory
Nice enough. N/A

Kelly Crapa
Sparks Fly
Passable country voice. N/A

You Make Me Feel
Interesting song choice. N/A

Avery Wilson
Without You
Minus the superfluous vibrato, Avery I think is a very good singer. He has a good lower range and his upper register is pretty impressive - especially towards the end when his voice just soared. Plus, he has a good stage presence. After Javier Colon and Jermaine Paul, I don't see why Avery can't continue The Voice trend. Haha. 8.5/10


X said...

Melanie's officially my favorite so far. Absolutely everything about her, from her voice down to playing the tambourine with her feet. Awesome.

After Melanie though, the rest of the show was rather dull with the judges getting excited about a lot of singers I really found to be average at best.

Beat Frequency, JR, Liz, and Nicholas... was not impressed with any of them. I'm assuming JR at least was just nervous, considering he's supposedly a big deal on YouTube (of course, that's not saying much... so it Rebecca Black [or whatever her name is]). If they're going to invite people from YouTube, I'd much rather see Pomplamoose or Cathy Nguyen.

Alessandra...not sure if it was the song or what, but I thought she was pretty bad. Her voice was technically good, but it sounded to me like she was singing the words to one song with the melody of something entirely different.

I'll skip the ones they barely showed since there wasn't enough really to judge.

That leaves Avery... I wasn't impressed with him either. WAAAAAAAAAAY to much vibrato to the point where I was irritated with him. If he cut that out he might be decent. It's funny that you compared him to Javier and Jermaine... I didn't like them either.

Anyways, the previous 2 season showed that someone like Melanie can do well... I'm hoping that trend continues. Unless someone else comes along and really impresses me, I'll probably be pulling for Melanie all the way.

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