Thursday, September 27, 2012

X Factor US 2: Live Auditions Part 5

Sigh. If only we can get on with the auditions without the "unscripted" drama. Seriously? It came off clever the first few episodes, but the whole things is getting a little tiring. I don't know. A couple of people in a montage of contestants who got through deserves MORE airtime than the unnecessary drama.

And, why did they end the episode with a little kid dying? Haha. Not cool.

Here we go!

Dinah Jane Hansen
If I Were A Boy
Yes, her low notes were a tad rough, but she got better once she hits the chorus. Her soaring voice actually reminds me of Melanie Amaro - and that's not a bad thing. She looks a lot older for a 15 year old though, but whatever. 7.5/10

Arin Ray
Count On Me
So, a contestant can go back even if they got through to the live shows last season as long as they were part of a group? But didn't he audition as a solo act until he was pushed into that pseudo Disney group, inTENsity? I digress. While Arin undeniably has that certain charm and look of a future pop star, he sounds rather ordinary. There's nothing special with his tone and his pitch was a little uneven. He could be very marketable though. 6/10

Natalie Martin
Pretty girl. Nice voice. I need to see/hear more though. 6.5/10

Nick Perreli
Come Fly With Me
I didn't expect him to be a crooner because he looks more like Justin Bieber than Michael Buble.Well, not really, but you know what I mean. Pleasant surprise. 6.5/10

Beatrice Miller
Cowboy Take Me Away
Good tone. That is all. 6/10

Freestyle rapping
I hate to admit it - I'm actually a little embarrassed - but I slightly enjoyed this duo, if for no other reason than the sheer chaos of their performance. Haha. 6.5/10

Austin Corini
The teen girls will probably go crazy for him, but he's decent, at best. I'd probably throw him in a group. 5/10

Nick Youngerman
Ice Ice Baby
I didn't care for his singing or rapping, but he's adorable and quite charming. Plus, he made Britney dance. Good enough. 6.5/10

David Correy
Just The Way You Are
One word: Awesome! He actually reminds me of Frankie J in terms of style. Solid voice. Good range. Soothing tone. Very nice. 8.5/10

Sophie Tweed-Simmons
Make You Feel My Love
Minus the fact that she's actually Gene Simmons' daughter, I think Sophie has an interesting tone with a good amount of vulnerability in her voice. Plus, she's mostly on pitch. 7.5/10

Tara Simon
Without You
Strange. The girl that said she could take Christina Aguilera out, turned out to be incredibly mediocre. Yes, she showed great control - mostly due to her vocal training - but her low notes were horrible and I hated the fact that she tried to showcase ALL her vocal tricks in one song. Oh, and she's totally unlikable. Who's going to vote for you with that attitude? Good luck. 6/10

Daryl Black
Stereo Hearts
He had me at leather shorts and unicycle. Haha. But seriously, his take on this Gym Class Heroes' tune was pretty awesome. I like that he puts his R&B inflections to the song and he really does have a good voice. Possibly one of my favorite auditions so far. 8.5/10


X said...

Another mediocre night, first The Voice and now this. X Factor was a little better than the Voice this week in terms of talent, but not much. I wasn't overly impressed with anyone, though a few contestants have potential.

I really wish (like you said) they would have showcased some of the actual talent that they skimmed through, instead of all the crap.

Daryl was probably the best of the night, but that's not saying a whole lot. At least he made the song his own.
I liked Sophie's tone as well, but that song wasn't a good choice. It's a great song, just not for an audition like this.
Tara was annoying but had a decent voice. I think she just tried WAAAY too hard, and for me, made more of a mess than a showcase of her (possible) talent.

Lastly, I figured out which Muppet Britney reminds me of... Janice from the "Dr Teeth and the Electric Mayhem" band.

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