Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Glee Music 4: The Break Up (Episode 4)

Truth be told, I've never been more pleased with any Glee song set since Journey to Regionals. Possibly the strongest combination of songs the show had in a very long time. Not a dud in the bunch. When Glee does something right, it's freaking right!

Barely Breathing
While nothing spectacular, their cover of this Duncan Sheik tune is still quite nice. Blaine and Finn sounds good together and I like that it's a duet. It's just a little faster than I think it should be, but that's nitpicking already. 7.5/10

Don't Speak
Something about this isn't really working for me - maybe the amped up vocals of some drowning out the others and the uneven harmonies - but this still sounded way better than I expected. Never been a fan of this song to begin with, so whatever. 7/10

Give Your Heart A Break
A lot better than their first duet, A Change Would Do Good, as I feel Rachel and Brody's vocal chemistry here. The piano arrangement is lovely and the harmonies are great. Of course, Rachel sounds flawless, but I think Brody holds her own in this song as well. Good job. 8/10

STUNNING! Not entirely fan of this Taylor Swift song, but Santana turned it around for me. The acoustic arrangement is fantastic, she sounds sublime and I feel her in this song. Oh, and that bridge, awesome. Possibly one of my favorite Santana solos EVER. 9.5/10

Teenage Dream (Acoustic Version)
This song will kill us all! Haha. Yes, I adore Glee's original version of this Katy Perry song as an introduction to Blaine's character in Season 2, but I love this one WAY better. The piano arrangement serves well with Blaine's melancholic delivery of the words. I really appreciate the emotional depth he gives to it. It broke me and I died. 10/10

The Scientist
Admittedly, I was worried that this will be the biggest mess with all four couples singing in this Coldplay ditty - I love this song, mind you! - but I find it rather lovely. Everyone sounds amazing and the harmonies are gorgeous. I like that every single one has a different sound and it makes their cover surprsingly interesting. Plus, Brittany and Kurt sound exquisite in this song. 10/10


Anonymous said...

Link please :-(

MissInggrid said...

the link please :) thank you...

Patrick Sean Durante said...

Exactly what I thought when I first heard this week's songs: this has got to be one of Glee's best ever.
My absolute faves were Give Your Heart a Break (love the final chorus!!!!) and Mine (yup, Santana's strongest since Landslide, methinks!). Shoutout to the wonderful blogger behind Music Are Clever Words - my dependable source

Anonymous said...

So happy that Santana would be in the next episode! It's looking like it's going to be depressing as hell.

Haley Jessica! said...


DAM said...


Anonymous said...

I like how the justified all of these people singing together by making it seem like it is all in Finn’s mind, rather than how silly it was that everyone was flying around with money that “who knows where it came from.” The song choices were fantastic though, but I hated how Finn and Blaine didn’t look like they were really singing. My daughter is the real fan though and Glee is the theme for our DISH Halloween work party for our families this year, which made my kids happy, since they like the show so much. They save all of the episodes each season, and now that I have the Hopper DVR, I have a thousand hours to hold their shows, and mine.

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