Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Voice 3: Knockout Rounds Part 1

It's the BATTLE ROUNDS sequel. Haha. I seriously don't understand why they have to pair them yet again because I rather have ALL of them perform at once and then have their coach decide which ones to take to the live shows. For drama? Because conflict is good TV? But still.

That said, the editing in this episode was amazing. It was quick and to the point, which was better than how they did the Battle Rounds, which took SO long to finish no?

Anyway, here's the recap!


10. Sam James
Walking In Memphis
ELIMINATED (vs. Melanie Martinez)
I don't doubt that he can sing, but there was nothing special about his voice. Technically, his vocals were also a bit off and he seemed like he was foddering it up with this song. Oh, and was it just me or he sounded like a poor man's Lee Dewyze? Ha.

09. Nicole Nelson
If I Ain't Got You
ELIMINATED (vs. Loren Allred)
Don't get me wrong, Nicole's vocals were flawless and she's vocally one of the best - maybe due to experience - but with her predictable song choice and the old school type of delivery, I just can't appreciate her. I don't know. There's something about her that's not connecting with me.

08. Jocelyn Rivera
Love On Top
WINNER (vs. Kayla Nevarez)
Jocelyn was adorable, but her rendition of this Beyonce song was underwhelming at best. It lacked vocal dynamics and her last few notes were pretty rough. Yes, I still see potential in her, but she needs to push it a little harder to win this show. Just saying.

07. Bryan Keith
(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
WINNER (vs. Joe Kirkland)
Karaoke. Cheesy. Dated. While Bryan's take on this song was almost spotless - I thought her tone and that grit to his voice suited the song really well - I was hoping for something more upbeat that shows his edge as a performer. This was a little lightweight for him and a little disappointing compared to his audition.

06. Michelle Brooks Thompson
ELIMINATED (vs. Amanda Brown)
True, Michelle is just like Nicole, but somehow I felt like Michelle's take on this Jennifer Hudson tune was a bit inspired. The liberties she took with the melody were quite nice and she didn't look like she was trying too hard. Too bad she's up against Amanda.

05. Joe Kirkland
ELIMINATED (vs. Bryan Keith)
When I first heard that he's about to cover a Taylor Swift song, I couldn't take him seriously and figured that he ruined his chances with that song. But you know what, this wasn't a bad version and everything came off shocking well. I thought his tone worked well with the arrangement and even the affectation his added to his vocals were appropriate. He didn't have a shot though because Bryan is Adam's pet this year. Sad.

04. Melanie Martinez
WINNER (vs. Sam James)
Sure, Melanie's shtick of slowing down songs and trying to cutesy it up may get tiring eventually, but I still dig her vibe. She may not have the best vocals, but she's easily recognizable physically and vocally. Her phrasing on the song was interesting and she showed some power in those vocals, which was surprising.

03. Kayla Nevarez
Shark In The Water
ELIMINATED (vs. Jocelyn Rivera)
Sigh. Why were you eliminated SO early? Kayla's lower notes were a little weak than usual and the song was too obscure for my liking, but she sold this to me. I love her tone and she showed better dynamics compared to her opponent. Actually, she reminds me of a more confident version of Xenia from Season 1. 

02. Loren Allred
You Know I'm No Good
WINNER (vs. Nicole Henson)
I didn't see this one coming. I love it when fodders have their shining moment and she was able to beat Nicole! Wow. Her tone is exquisite, her pitch were mostly spot on and I actually enjoyed her take on this Amy Winehouse ditty. Why didn't they let us see more of her on previous rounds? 

01. Amanda Brown
Paris (Oh La La)
WINNER (vs. Michelle Brooks Thompson)
Her blind audition was underwhelming and she was screechy during the battle rounds, but this proved me that Amanda has a legit shot of winning this whole thing. She's just so versatile with tons of charisma and stage presence. Plus, she's vocally good. To be honest, I'd give it to her just on her song choice.


10. Daniel Rosa
Back To December
ELIMINATED (vs. MacKenzie Bourg)
I still don't understand how he managed to reach this stage of the show. Not worthy. He seems like a nice guy, but he sucked. He doesn't have a good grasp grasp of his pitch and he kept on slurring his words. Sorry.

09. Mycle Wastman
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
ELIMINATED (vs. Nicholas David)
Aargh! Overdone song. He sounded a bit affected in most parts and I'm just not a fan of his voice with this song. I guess, the song choice killed his chances.

08. McKenzie Bourg
Call Me Maybe
WINNER (vs. Daniel Rosa)
I seriously wanted to punch this kid so hard. Haha. His arrangement on Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song was interesting, but I felt like he changed the song too much that it's almost unrecognizable. Plus, there's a hitch in his voice that was rather annoying. He was very lucky to have Daniel Rosa as his opponent.

07. Cody Belew
WINNER (vs. Avery Wilson)
He sounded like a guy who's trying to impress a girl at the karaoke bar. Haha. I thought his vocals were nice and this arrangement was pretty much The White Stripes version, but again, nothing special. I'm somehow shocked that he won over Avery. Damn you, Cee Lo!

06. Trevine Hunte
Against All Odds
WINNER (vs. Terisa Griffin)
Yuck. I honestly can't take someone who picks this song seriously - THE MOST OVERDONE SONG IN THE HISTORY OF ALL SINGING REALITY SHOWS IN THE WORLD. I can't fault his vocals - though a couple of his transitions were shaky - but again, his song choice left me cold.

05. Avery Wilson
Yeah 3x
ELIMINATED (vs. Cody Belew)
I liked Avery's first two performances, but he completely dropped the ball with this song choice. To me, he's possibly the MOST current and marketable contestant this season and somehow fits that mold of The Voice winner - after Javier Colon and Jermain Paul - so I was genuinely SHOCKED to see him get eliminated. Sure, this was his weakest performance yet, but I don't think he deserved the boot.

04. Terisa Griffin
Saving All My Love For You
ELIMINATED (vs. Trevine Hunte)
Like the other divas in this show, Terisa was annoyingly predictable with her song choice, but I did like her take on this Whitney Houston song. She changed some of the phrasing to differentiate her version, but not too much that it's almost an overkill. Not a fan of her, but I thought she did better than Trevine.

03. Nicholas David
Put Your Records On
WINNER (vs. Mycle Wastman)
Call me awful, but he really needs to do something with all those hair. Haha. Nicholas is an interesting performer and his song choice was unexpected. Good phrasing and some of his melodic choices were pretty quite nice. Do I see him as an eventual winner? Not at all.

02. Diego Val
Are You Gonna Go My Way
WINNER (vs. Caitlin Michele)
Wow. Where did this Deigo come from? Minus the slurred words, I thought he did well. Great energy. Nice recognizable voice. Good stage presence.  

01. Caitlin Michele
Bring Me To Life
ELIMINATED (vs. Diego Val)
I LOVE HER. Caitlin's voice is refreshing in a sea of quirky, singer-songwriter and diva contestants. The clarity in her words is impeccable, she has a great range to boot and her tone is amazing. Plus, her pitch was spot on She's been eliminated previously by Adam and now, Cee Lo cut her? She just couldn't catch a break no? Sad. 


Anonymous said...

we have such different opinions! Joselyn for me was so charming and charismatic! I would put her on top!

Anonymous said...

You should listen to Artist Vs Poet's version of Mean on youtube. It's soooooooo good.

Anonymous said...

I’m totally rooting for Melanie Martinez. She seems like such a nice girl, and like you said, she makes everything interesting. She has a very “smoky” voice too, which is odd for a girl so young, but it works to make her stand out more than others, which she needs for this competition. The Voice is one of the first shows I watch when my DISH coworker comes over each week. I used to get frustrated when he would get there and there weren’t any recordings, because my kids deleted the timers, but now I have PrimeTime Anytime on my Hopper DVR. That way I’m not embarrassed because I set all four of the major networks to automatically record each evening.

X said...

Why Caitlin was eliminated is beyond my comprehension. I've been waiting for someone on one of these shows to do that particular Evanescense song, Not only did Caitlin fulfill my wish, but she sounded great. Stupid decisions like this is why I don't like Cee Lo.
At least Daniel Rosa is gone (although he didn't completely suck this time around).

That being said, Melanie is still my favorite.

Anonymous said...

I think Cody did great and deserved the spot over Avery. But in the long run, I think keeping Avery would be a better strategic move. I just hate Cee Lo for pitting them against each other. I mean, they are completely different and they both deserve a place in the live shows. Sigh.

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