Thursday, October 11, 2012

X Factor US 2: Judges Homes Part 1

Ok. I'm legitimately excited with this season of X Factor US. I think the acts this season are fairly strong and we saw glimpses of those in this episode. Sure, most of them aren't INCREDIBLE singers, but this is X Factor, not THE VOICE. I mean, just look at what X Factor UK produced in a span of 5 years. They have Cher Lloyd, One Direction, Olly Murs and yes, even the vocally talented Leona Lewis.

Personally, I like what I've heard so far and it's actually interesting how the ones who I thought would do well, sounded more nervous in their performances and the people who I thought would suck did quite well.

Anyway, here we go!

Demi Lovato's Group

Jennel Garcia
I Kissed A Girl
I've been a fan of Jennel since her live auditions, but somehow this performance was a little underwhelming. It seemed like she lost her mojo and the spunk and charisma wasn't there. She still sounded great and I actually like some of the liberties she took with the melody, but this was not the Jennel I was rooting for. Oh, and thank you Demi for actually telling her to stop touching her hair while performing. 7/10

Willie Jones
Nobody Knows
Singing the same song that he messed up in Boot Camp? Interesting and brave idea. I've never got into his black country singer schtick, but he impressed me with this number. I thought he sang that well and he has this lovely tone to his voice. He still sounds a little generic, but I digress. 8/10

Jillian Jensen
Hmm. Not sure she did as good as she could have. Yes, I like her raspy tone and I believe she has this IMPRESSIVE ability to connect with her materials really well, but this is a tough category and I don't think she stands out compared to the others. 7.5/10

Nick Youngerman
Tik Tok
Interesting song choice. There wasn't much singing in Nick's performance, but he's so much fun to watch. Haha. I think he's very charismatic and I like the attitude. Nice. 6.5/10

Paige Thomas
Turn Up The Music
Absolutely the best she EVER sounded. She needs to sing more songs like this, rather than the diva belting songs that's completely out of her range. I liked what she did with the song - sexy acoustic version - although I laughed when I realized it's a Chris Brown track. Haha. A little distracting with the hand movements though. 8/10

Cece Frey
I'm Sexy And I Know It
To use a baseball term, I would say that is a home run. The acoustic arrangement worked for her as it showcased her voice really well, she has this amazing presence and her vocals are almost flawless. To me, Cece has talent, all she needs now is to tone down her sass because I really want her to do well and people will NOT vote for her if she still gets that villain edit. Then again, the edit she got in this episode may actually be enough to bring her some likability. 8.5/10

Simon Cowell's Group

Rich Girl
They sounded fine, but looked awkward, and yes, that's what I said to One Direction when I was still covering X Factor UK a few years back. For me, the more interesting parts were performed by the rappers. I didn't care about the harmonies, which felt non existent for the most part, but they were infectious to watch. 7/10

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
The thing that works well with Eblem3 is that they have this cool and hip vibe going on for them. They may not be the greatest vocalists on the show, but they definitely have charisma and at least their harmonies were almost intact compared to Playback. That said, their performance was a little disappointing. I did like the rap though. 6.5/10

Sister C
Nice performance. I think they are strong solo vocalists - especially the tall blonde girl, she's amazing - but there's something about their harmonies that annoys me a bit. I don't know. 7/10

Lyric 145
Party In The USA
At first, I felt like adding Lyric Da Queen, which I absolutely adore, would kill the duos chemistry, but she actually enhanced it even more. Not a fan of straight up rap in general, but this one was really good. I thought the performance was entertaining and Lyric Da Queen was just sensational. 8.5/10

Dope Crisis
Super Bass
This duo sounded good, but with the edit they've got so far convinced me that they are just mere fodders on this show. They barely got proper airtime. Sorry. 6/10

What do you get when you put together five powerhouse female vocalists in one group? You get this! They maybe the best manufactured group the show has had by far. Each girl did amazing, and although they weren't much of a group vocally, they at least tried to sing harmonies and they nailed it. This group reminds me of AKA JAM of X Factor Philippines or Little Mix of X Factor UK, they have unlimited ounce of potential. 8.5/10


William Wallace said...

Jillian is by far my favorite contestant on the X Factor. There is just something about her that’s very down to earth and I love that she is finding the confidence to really showcase her talent. The one that really gets on my nerves is CeCe Frey. She just comes across as unlikeable. I’ve been recording the X Factor on my Hopper all season and I don’t want to miss anything. So if I happen to be out or at work I know that my timer will record it for me and I can watch it when I get back. I really liked LYLAS because even though they’re also different and just got jammed together in a group they did fantastic! I also really liked Playback because they were really fun. One of my DISH co-workers really likes Emblem 3 but I was underwhelmed by their performance. I do agree on Sister C: there is something annoying about them that I just can’t put my finger on. Maybe it’s because it sounds like the same person singing three different parts of the song or the tone of their voices when they do harmony.

reyfi said...

i agree to everything you have here. Lyric Da Queen and company was very entertaining. they may be the next Black Eyed Peas. and that last group, they sounded so good. and Cece, i never really liked her until this episode. she can win this.

Haley Jessica! said...

Rooting for:
Young Adults: Janelle, Cece, Paige and Willie

Groups: Sister C, Emblem3, LYRIC145 and LYLAS!!

X said...

I agree that there is a lot of great talent this year, especially the 2 younger categories.
I don't necessarily agree with who you though was the best though (go figure).

Jennel- I think she's one of the best, but that song didn't help her any.

Willie- I personally wouldn't have put him through to the judges' house round. He did ok, but he just sounds very generic to me. I would probably have to put him through to the live shows though, just because I personally like 2 others less than him.

Jillian- one of my favorites, though, like Jennel, this wasn't her best.

Nick- what you saw as charisma, I saw as extremely annoying. He's one my choices to go bye-bye.

Paige- haven't liked her at all in any of the rounds... this round isn't any different. I just don't think she has it. My other choice to go bye-bye.

Cece- just a little bit annoying, but she's getting better as the show goes on. However, she is super talented. She made a "song" I absolutely hate into a song I actually liked quite a bit. If the voters can get past her attitude, I think she'll go far.

Playback- not bad for being thrown together, but I think they are pretty forgettable. Little girls will like them though.

Emblem3- another one to add to the really annoying pile. Where Cece is cocky, she can back it up. These guys are cocky to the extreme, but I don't think they have the talent to back it up. I hope they don't move on.

Sister C- I think they're pretty good, but like you said... something about them is off. I still think they're good enough to move on to the live shows (they probably won't last very long once they get there though).

Lyric 145- not a rap fan, and if they dropped the 2 guys it wouldn't hurt my feelings. I think they should definitely let Lyric da Queen be the frontwoman here, while the guys more or less be backup "singers". That being said, I enjoyed this performance.

Dope Crisis- who?

Lylas- my favorite of the groups. I think they need to work on harmonizing more instead of singing as 5 individuals. But seeing that they didn't have much time to prepare as a group it's understandable. If they work on that though, they could potentially be awesome.

So, here's the 8 I think should move on:
Young Adults: Janelle, Cece, Jillian, and (I guess) Willie
Groups: Sister C, Lyric145, Lylas, and Playback.
Though, I wouldn't mind only sending 6 through and dropping Willie and Playback.

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